Its a big no no to drink coffee after alcohol

Cup of coffee
Cup of coffee

For many of us coffee is a drink we cannot replace. We even try to make coffee healthy for us.  It gives us energy, drive, and for some becomes a habit impossible to break with tea or some other drink. Some of us drink coffee to get into the work mood, others just like the taste. I am definitely the latter. Well, some of us even think that coffee can reduce the effects of alcohol. So they drink coffee after drinking all night. To me it seemed harmless enough. But let us pause and figure out – why is it harmful to drink coffee after alcohol intake.

Caffeine and alcohol effects on your body

After we have a drink, we often times feel relaxed. Well, I certainly do. This helps to mingle, be more social, and enjoy your time. However, this happens because it becomes more difficult for oxygen to reach neutrons – cells of our nervous system. So our brain is affected. It feels less, it stops to react on some irritants from the outside environment. Of course a lot of doctors describe the stages of getting drunk. In simple words it is similar to excitement, slow down, and coma. When we drink a lot of alcohol a lot of our organs come under stress: stomach, respiratory system, kidneys, liver, muscles, and even skin. Now let’s imagine that at this exact moment caffeine enters your body as well. And we all know that it stimulates and energizes. To be honest it is scary to imagine the pressure on our cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems. Hopefully now you clearly see why it is harmful to drink coffee even after small alcohol intake. But we can go further.

Your heart finds it more and more difficult to pump blood with every gram of alcohol entering your system. Furthermore, your blood does not get sufficient oxygen amounts. As a result we have negatively affected blood flow and hence high arterial blood pressure. Hypertonia might even become chronic in cases of frequent alcohol intake. When you drink a lot, your capillaries become thinner. But if you add caffeine to this mix, situation might become critical. Coffee will double or triple the strain on your heart.

Caffeine and alcohol are non-compatible

coffee cocktail, coffee after alcohol
coffee cocktail


It has long been proven by scientists that caffeine and alcohol should not be mixed together. After we drink alcohol and then coffee our cardiovascular system is starved of oxygen and needs a lot of it. It is easy to see the symptoms that follow. The heart starts pumping and sometimes you can find it difficult to breathe. Instead of high energy and good mood you feel quite the opposite: apathy, worry, depression, or increased irritation. All of this can lead to a serious nervous breakdown, if you ask me.

Nowadays we have fancy cocktails that combine coffee and alcohol. Even though they are not as harmful due to other offsetting elements, I would not recommend them. Because let’s face it – they are still harmful to your body.

Coffee does not help to sober you


Even after many medical reasons some people still don’t get why they should not drink coffee after some parties where they drank some alcohol as well. There is even a widespread myth that coffee helps to sober up our body. But this myth has no proof. The fast fleeting feeling of temporary increase in energy can severely damage your health.

It is also safe to say that studies have shown that if you do drink coffee the next day to help with hang over, it does not help. Actually it can bring you quite the opposite – feeling depressed, sad, and inability to judge your surroundings. You can experience temporary impediment to your hearing, vision, and even have decreased brain function.

Rare exceptions to the rule

OK, if you absolutely love the combination of coffee and alcohol, then at least try a healthier options. For example coffee with Irish whiskey or Rum are known to be less harmful. Also try to reverse the order. Drinking coffee before the party can actually become beneficial. Coffee can help with production of elements that our liver uses to flush out toxic elements that enter our body with alcohol. Effect lasts about 1.5 hours.


Now that you know why you should not drink coffee after alcohol intake, you can make your own mind. Of course you can keep harming your body thinking that it’s not a big deal. Or, as I will be doing, spare yourself and enjoy other drinks like water or herbal tea.

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