In the air Arctic
In the air Arctic view from the air

When I told my dad that I was going to the Arctic, he was surprised. He could not imagine what would attract me to this cold place. I never regretted my decision to go. In fact, I consider my Arctic adventure the best trip of my life to date.

Things you that will amaze you in the Arctic

Swimming polar bear
Swimming polar bear

Arctic animals

Arctic animals were one of the most unforgettable experiences I had to date. I understand why zoos are necessary. But I still prefer seeing animals in their natural habitat wild and free. In the Arctic you will see just that.

Polar Fox

Arctic Nature

Arctic nature is unforgettable. If you think everything is ice and snow. think again. There is life everywhere.

Arctic nature

Arctic landscape

Arctic landscape and its vastness is breathtaking. You can be with a group of people but still feel utterly alone and lost. The quiet and piece is almost pressing. You can get easily overwhelmed.

Arctic scenery

Arctic Birds

Arctic birds are strong, plentiful, and charismatic. Needless to say they love to pose.

Birds on ice

Dead Things

Dead things can be found here. And they are not terrifying but beautiful. It seems only nature can make death peaceful and fashionable.

Arctic reindeer scull

Interesting Signs

Interesting signs are so exciting. And they are plentiful in Svalbard. Only hear you can find sign showing where to park your dog 🙂 or where polar bears are.


Funny Little Stuff

Little things that make you laugh. Some travel agencies go above and beyond to make Arctic experience special. I was truly lucky that way. Arctic barbecue and hot coco are just a few surprises that made me smile.

Hot coco flag Arctic

You come to see the polar bear but fall in love with the ice

Well, like everyone else I was fascinated with Polar bears. I mean, who can resist their cuteness. Just look at those faces.

Polar bear cubs

But like everybody else I fell in love with the ice. It is ever changing  and ever surprising. Everything just looks like Pullman’s Dark Trilogy setting carved out of white granite. And when you see one of the biggest floating icebergs, you will vow to come back.

Me and the ice

Polar Ice

The ice

More Polar Ice

Ice in the Arctic

Why Arctic is a naturally beautiful place?

The answer to this question is really easy. You just point and shoot with your camera. And beautiful images to behold come out without any effort. At one point I had to stop myself and enjoy the nature outside of the camera lenses. Do take pictures but also stop and take in the view. 

The ship

Pick the ship you will love

It is obvious that you cannot travel to arctic by plane, train, or taxi. 🙂 You need a really good icebreaker class ship. So pick the one that you will love and feel comfortable in. Read reviews. Spend some time researching, because every moment matters.

Arctic ice

Do the polar plunge – you will not regret it!

Yes, call me crazy but I did the polar plunge. It was awesome. And even though I look scared in the photo below, I enjoyed the experience!

Polar plunge

Spend some time looking at the vast ocean – it is full of surprises!

I found that you always need to be ready, dressed, and patient. I spend countless hours at the deck just staring into the vast expanses of ice and water. And I was frequently rewarded. Here are just some of the things I saw:




Arctic seal


Arctic walruses

And Yes :: Polar Bears!!! 🙂

Polar bear

Will I recommend travelling to Arctic?

Yes, absolutely. If you love nature – please go and you will never regret it. If nothing else you will finally meet with reindeer up close and personal. Since they are not scared of anything.


Map of my travels for those who are interested 🙂

Arctic travel map

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