A lot of people are interested in Rejuvabeads reviews. And I will be honest. For sure I had my reservations when I first tried this product. You can read all about my rejuvabeads experience for yourself. But why settle on only one person’s opinion? Let’s look at what different people have to say about Monat Rejuvabeads.

Rejuvabeads reviews – the rebel 🙂

Sooooo, I was a rebel and figured if I was going to put Rejuvabeads to the test, why not do it after having my hair lightened and colored.

This morning you can see how bad my ends were…. the “after” pic was taken after lightening and coloring. Rejuveniqe Oil was added to the lightener and color. My hair was washed with Renew Shampoo, Replenish Masque and then (while damp) 3 pumps of Rejuvabeads applied….. and this is my outcome!! NO TRIM was done. And my hair feels unbelievably silky!

Edit: for those asking if I used Monat prior, and why my ends were nasty looking in the “before” condition.. Yes I have been using Monat exclusively for 22 months now. But here I’ve just recently tested out a new hot tool that ended up damaging my bleached ends. Thankfully Rejuvabeads came out right when that happened, or I would have been looking at a good trim.

Rejuvabeads reviews one
Rejuvabeads before and after

Rejuvabeads reviews – the real praise needs few words.

Rejuvabeads are my jam!!!??

I want to add to this gem – if you do hate flyaway and super fizzy hair – then Rejuvabeads is your jam too 🙂

Rejuvabeads reviews two
Rejuvabeads – fight frizz

Rejuvabeads reviews – from the pro

This is one of my clients from today, this is to show the power of Rejuvabeads split end mender. We JUST did a partial highlight. NO cut ? if anything the ends would be worse going through a chemical process and no cut. This is why I choose to be exclusively Monat, to offer the BEST. Some will say “that’s hard to believe,” or “there’s no product that can do that” but isn’t that the point? Products working so well and designed for doing something that hasn’t been done before with any other line on the market?! #amazing #healthyhair #excitingthings #antiaginghaircare #revolutionaryproducts

Feel free to share!

Rejuvabeads reviews 3
Rejuvabeads pro results

What is so amazing about Rejuvabeads – tell us your story?

Well, Rejuvabeads is a product that works. You can read a lot of articles on why that is the case. But I do want to mention that it does contain Abyssinian oil.  I call it a miracle oil for your hair. But there is much more to it.

Now that you read my favorite Rejuvabeads reviews, please share your story. I am very curious to learn more about your experience. Is there a product that you think works better? I will be happy to try and review it as well.

If you do want to try samples of Rejuvabeads without any commitments, – you can always find some on eBay 🙂 

Rejuvabeads samples
find Rejuvabeads samples on eBay – no commitment, check out how it works magic on your hair


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