Galápagos Islands dream

Galapagos Islands view
Galapagos Islands view

I loved Charles Darwin books growing up. They were full of stories about interesting places, strange creatures, and beautiful landscapes. One of those places was Galápagos Islands. And it was my dream for a long time to see this wonder for myself. One of my co-workers took a trip there. And how I waited. I asked all about it but he was not impressed. He told me it was all rock and nothing else. Furthermore he assured me there is nothing to see there. Galápagos Islands were boring. So I really got discouraged. However, my wiser friend told me that I should judge for myself. Where one person sees nothing, other may discover a treasure. Finally I put all doubts aside and went on the unforgettable trip to the magic paradise. And I am grateful to my wise friend as I discovered a treasure of nature and animal life beyond my wildest dreams. Yes, it is very different but vibrant and interesting nonetheless.

There are multiple islands and routes that you can take travelling to Galápagos Islands. And I do not want to concentrate on specifics, even though I will share the map of my travel with you. What I want to talk about is top 10 things I fell in love with and discovered for myself in this remote universe.

Galapagos Islands Map
Galápagos Islands Map

Ten things I discovered on my journey

  1. I love iguanas. They have creepy beauty and ooze horrible grace that is so hard to ignore.

    Galapagos Islands iguanas
    Galápagos Islands iguanas
  2. I love local people. They are fun, friendly and kind.

    Galapagos Islands people
    Galápagos Islands people
  3. There are plenty of beautiful nature you can discover among the rocks if you just look.

    Galapagos Islands nature
    Galápagos Islands nature
  4. Crabs are posers. They love being treated as celebrities.

    Galapagos Islands Crabs
    Galápagos Islands Crabs
  5. Birds are not scared of you at all. You can take a lot of pictures!

    Galapagos Islands birds
    Galápagos Islands birds
  6. Charles Darwin left his mark on this wonderful place!

    Galapagos Islands Darwin
    Galapagos Islands Darwin
  7. Giant tortoises and see turtles live here. Need I say more to make you excited.

    Galapagos Islands tortoise
    Galápagos Islands tortoise
  8. Did you know about cute Galápagos penguins? And you can snorkel with them!!!

    Galapagos Islands penguin
    Galápagos Islands penguin
  9. Seafood markets can be a lot of fun even if you are not into seafood.

    Galapagos Islands seafood market
    Galápagos Islands seafood market
  10. Sea lions are so adorable. I can’t figure out why they are not on every 10th hallmark card!

    Galapagos Islands sea lions
    Galápagos Islands sea lions

I know that everyone has their own interests, but give places you never heard about a chance. Never let someone else dictate your travel choice! And discover wonderful and naturally beautiful places that are all around us.

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