Medicine cabinet before
Medicine cabinet before

Why would I care about medicine cabinet makeover? There is one thing I’ve learnt the hard way. When your health suffers, nothing else matters. When I felt sick, I would oftentimes go to the nearest drugstore. And get over-the-counter medicines to help with my condition. I never thought about long term effects of drugs on my body. That is until I met my mentor that I value and respect who shared essential oils and healthy lifestyle with me.

22 ways to use nature to help you recover

Medicine cabinet makeover
Medicine cabinet makeover

And now I would like to share that wisdom with you. Listed below are two dozen conditions and aches that can and should be helped using natural remedies and essential oils. Some products I’m listing are guaranteed natural solutions, even that they have brand names. Like OnGuard is a combination of multiple essential oils. Or DigestZen is 100% natural (you can trust Doterra, I know that for sure).. So let’s see how you can turn your pills-and-mixtures medical cabinet into a natural organic healthy medical cabinet.

  1. Antibiotics, warts removal medicine – Oregano essential oil
  2. Pain and headaches medicine – PastTense from Doterra, lavender essential oil
  3. Cold and flu medicine, nasal decongestant, allergy medicine – Breathe from Doterra
  4. Anti-itch lotion, burn cream, cut/scrape disinfectant – lavender essential oil
  5. Immune system boost, sore throat medicine – OnGuard from Doterra
  6. Anti-fungal cream, foot powder, ear drops, dandruff shampoo – Melaleuca oil
  7. Muscle pain cream, joint and arthritis pain aids – Deep blue rub, lemongrass essential oil
  8. Insect repellent – TerraShield
  9. Female PMS, hormone balancing, menopause products – Solace
  10. Mineral Oil  – fractured coconut oil
  11. Sanitizing agent, hand sanitizer – Purify from Doterra
  12. Upset stomach aid, Laxative, Antacids – DigestZen
  13. Anti-acne treatment – Clearskin from Doterra
  14. Vitamins, Omegas, Resveratrol, Energy Drinks – Lifelong vitality (LLV) from Doterra
  15. Antidepressants – Frankincense Oil and LLV
  16. Stress aids, Diaper cream, after shave, hemorrhoid cream – Balance
  17. Sleep and Anxiety aids – Serenity
  18. Fluoride toothpaste – OnGuard toothpaste
  19. Fever reducer, energy aids, mouthwash – peppermint essential oil
  20. Weight-loss aids – Slim and Sassy
  21. Food enzymes – TerraZyme
  22. Detox products – lemon essential oil, Zendocrine

You can take a look at all and more of the wonderful essential oil products here

Medicine cabinet after
Medicine cabinet after

So what are your favorite ways to combat everyday illnesses? What tips do you have for medicine cabinet makeover? Do you have a tried and true substitute to common drugs? I would love to hear what you have to say and share.

essential oils
essential oils

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