Macadamia Nut Oil
Macadamia Nut Oil

Macadamia nut oil is one of my favorites

Lately media has been shaming fats and oils like Macadamia nut oil. As a result people try to eliminate fats from their diet. Well guess what? Foods with a high fat quality are essential for healthy diets. Basic oils are wondrous natural products that we can use on a daily basis. And if you decide to buy macadamia nut oil, you will get hand cream, hair conditioner, and universal mask for all skin types. This oil is elite among many with great aroma and many useful qualities.

Components of Macadamia nut oil – lets look at some science

In simple words due to its special chemical composition, with a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids (80%), it has excellent cosmetic properties as a nourishing, smoothing, moisturizing, anti-free radical and anti-aging ingredient, and also as an ideal vehicle for the penetration of other active ingredients. From a physical-chemical point of view, this makes it an unusually very stable oil against oxidation.

Components of Macadamia nut oil
Components of Macadamia nut oil

80.01g of total monounsaturated fat includes:

  • 56.35g of Oleic Acid – omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid, known for its blood pressure reducing effect.
  • 19.11g of Palmitoleic Acid – omega-7 fatty acid that is abundant in plant and marine sources.

1.83g of polyunsaturated fat contains 0.42 g of omega-3 fatty acids.

16.08g of total saturated fat includes:

  • 8.45g of Palmitic Acid – has been linked to higher LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels and higher risk disease.
  • 3.9g of Stearic Acid – usually produced internally from excess carbohydrate intake.

This oil is hard to compare to other valuable nut oils – it is very unique. Scientists compare it to mink oil. Mink oil is highly used in cosmetics and pharma industry. It contains strong healing properties. However Macadamia nut oil is just as good.

Mink oil and Macadamia nut oil
Mink oil and Macadamia nut oil

Benefits of Macadamia nut oil

Top 5 benefits of Macadamia nut oil
Top 5 benefits of Macadamia nut oil
  • Improves heart health – reduces LDL-cholesterol, reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. Regular consumption of macadamia nuts may play a role in the prevention of coronary artery disease.
  • Increases your energy levels – due to caloric intake
  • Antioxidant source – The high antioxidant content in macadamia nut oil makes it a potent addition to your immune system and can help to clean out your entire system.
  • Eye health –  some of the antioxidants in macadamia nut oil have been linked to boosting eye health, namely by preventing macular degeneration and slowing the development of cataracts.
  • Skin Health – One of the other antioxidants in macadamia nut oil, squalene, is somewhat rare and has a particularly strong impact on our skin. Squalene is a naturally occurring antioxidant in our body, but adding more through macadamia nut oil can help reduce oxidative stress on the body’s fats and the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles, age spots, slow healing rates, and other signs of aging.
  • Good moisturizer – similarly to coconut oil
  • Great for cooking at mid temperatures – due to higher smoke point. See some smoke points in the table below.
Macadamia nut oil 199°C 390°F
Coconut oil 177°C 350°F
Extra virgin olive oil 160°C 320°F
Butter 177°C 350°F

Macadamia nut cons

  • Calories – 718 calories per 100 grams
  • Allergies – if you are allergic to nuts, you should not use this oil
  • Expensive
  • Can cause constipation or diarrhea – to be honest I could not find any scientific research that would support this claim. In my non professional opinion excess of any food or foods that cannot be processed or absorbed by your body can cause digestive issues. Everyone has different health so you should find out what works or does not work for you.

Very simple Macadamia nut oil DIY recipes

Like any normal person I am not an apothecary with thousand of ingredients to mix. So my advice is usually simple, tried and true.

Face Mask – 50g grated oats (use coffee grinder). Add egg yolk, 1 tbsp. plain yogurt, 1 tbsp. honey. Add 5 drops of macadamia nut oil. Mix well. Keep on your face for 20-30 minutes.

Split ends serum – 1-2 drops of macadamia nut oil on split and dry ends to heal and moisturize. Do not overdo it or your hair will become oily. I recommend rejuvabeads as well.

Hair conditioner boost – add 1 tsp. of macadamia nut oil for 2 or more tbsp. of your conditioner. Wash well. Your hair will be more hydrated and shiny.

Dry hair or dandruff – mix your favorite conditioner or mask with macadamia nut oil – 1:2 and apply to your hair. Keep for under wrap for 2 hours.

Oily hair – 1:1 fresh squeezed lemon juice and macadamia nut oil. Apply to hair for 2-3 hours under wrap.

Finally, I want to say that its up to you to decide what you want to incorporate in your diet. I love the way macadamia nut oil smells and tastes. I am addicted. And my friends have to keep me in check or I will overuse it. But it is so much worth it.

My favorite macadamia nut oil brand that I use for cooking and my DIY recipes:

Check out this fun video on cooking with Macadamia nut oil. And it has some informative comments under it.


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