Kefir and flax seeds for my Russian soul

kefir and flax seeds
kefir and flax seeds

Like every health junkie I jumped on the wagon of flax seeds admirers as soon as I heard that they are good for you. I drank water with flax seeds. They were the cool thing to add to my yogurt or veggie shake in the morning. But what I really want to talk about is my Russian style take on this wonderful gift of nature – kefir and flax seeds. I grew up drinking kefir. It was a norm. This healthy drink helps to soften lots of issues.

Did you know the benefits of kefir?

• It is rich with probiotics and helps intestinal bacteria
• It helps your immune system
• It calms your nervous systems and helps during insomnia
• It helps prevent cancer
• It acts as mild diuretic

Are you impressed? And now imagine combining kefir with flax seeds that are known to be wonder food for your stomach! With help of kefir and flax seeds people can easily fight extra weight as well as detox. The result is incredible. But let me stop for a moment and talk a bit about flax seeds.

Flax seeds benefits

Flax seeds
Flax seeds

Like I previously mentioned flax seeds are tremendously beneficial for our bodies. They are known to combat stomach and pancreas issues. You can use them for a good prophylactic and to lose some weight. Flax seeds are known for their good properties since ancient times. People always knew that they can help heal different diseases. Flax seeds are especially beneficial for gastrointestinal health. They can also normalize your heart and rid your body of toxins. Flax seeds are also known to help endocrine system and digestion. Fascinating, isn’t it? In summary flax seeds rock because they help with the below conditions. If you want to learn more read this wonderful article in Dr. Axe blog. However, be cautious as he does not mention side effects that I listed at the end of my article.

• Improve skin and hair health
Weight loss
• To lower cholesterol
• Eliminate candida and yeast in the body due to lignans (antioxidants)
• Improve digestive health
Reduce risk of ovarian cancer

A lot of people, my brother included, suffer from increased acidity, low metabolism and stomach aches that can be caused by ulcers. To alleviate these symptoms you can try to drink kefir with flax seeds. The seeds will help clean your intestinal tract, normalize blood sugar, clean liver and pancreas, stabilize metabolism, and prevent indigestion.

Most effective way to drink kefir with flax seeds.

I tried different ways, times and combinations of kefir and flax seeds. But I think that the best time to drink the mix is in the evening. Why? Well, you can easily substitute your dinner for kefir and flax seeds. Simply mix 1 glass of kefir (approximately 200g) with 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds. You will feel full pretty fast as flax seeds thicken in your stomach.

You can follow this for 2-3 month and then take a break for one month. Then repeat.

If you are targeting weight loss, I would recommend flax seeds and kefir twice a day, for breakfast and dinner. However, don’t forget to hydrate during the day! Remember the diuretic qualities of the mix.

Side-effects of flax seeds
Hope you noticed that I did not include kefir into this rubric. Simply because kefir does not have known side effects. So drink it safely! Flax seeds on the other hand are very powerful. So you should be careful when incorporating them in your diet. I would not recommend consuming flax seeds if you identify with one of the following:

• Pregnant or breastfeeding
• Endometriosis
• High acidity, gastritis
• Diabetes
• Hepatitis
• Allergy to nuts
Сholecystitis and kidney stones

So even though I love kefir and flax seeds I call you to caution. Do not consume more than 2 table spoons of flax seeds a day. Otherwise, please enjoy my recommendation. I truly hope that you will discover the great taste of kefir and tons of benefits that drinking kefir and flax seeds brings to your body.

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