black coffee cream milk coffe two cups
black coffee cream milk coffe two cups latte

Everywhere these days I hear: coffee is bad for you, you shouldn’t drink too much coffee, and it’s in your best interests to completely stop drinking coffee (and coffee drinks for that matter). They say, tea is better than coffee. They say, anything without caffeine is better than coffee. Yes, decaffeinated sugar free soda is probably better. Of course water is better than coffee, for your health that is. But what about taste? Any drink with caffeine brings all the negative effects that caffeine can have on your body. But we are going to talk about benefits of coffee.. Maybe not that exactly, but rather about how to make coffee beneficial? How to make coffee good for you? How to enjoy your favorite drink and at the same time do good for your body? Below I will answer these questions and show you how to keep drinking coffee and yet improve your overall health. Although, according to latest research published in the Annals of Medicine, drinking coffee may prolong your life and decrease chances of stroke and related diseases.. So… This all is really relative, you should always judge for yourself..

Can we make coffee that is good and healthy?

I think there is no way to make coffee healthy for you. I am not a scientist, but I do know that regular black coffee is not really healthy. Why is coffee bad for you? It’s all thanks to caffeine and its array of negative effects on your body and soul. Caffeine is bad… When ingested with any drink or food, it stimulates our central nervous system, playing with our brain. Hence prolong withdrawal from caffeine or the opposite, caffeine overdose, could cause a range of serious problems:

  • Headache
  • Jitters
  • Confusion
  • Increased urination
  • Irritability
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Muscle aches
  • and many more

I’m not even talking about passing caffeine to your baby during pregnancy, – that could bring about this whole array of problems in the first months or years of baby’s life. So generally negative effects of caffeine outweigh its positive effects: alertness and extra energy.

But it is hard to avoid caffeine completely. It is found in many plants, including cacao beans, kola nuts and tea leaves. Thus any products with such ingredients will have caffeine in them. But we need to wake up and stay awake, we need that morning coffee… Do you often feel like “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my morning coffee”! I know I do. Sometimes. And so below let us explore several methods to make coffee good for you. Or at least try to make it much much better, and, maybe, outweigh its negative sides with added positive effects of some simple additives. Those additives are spices! Spice up your coffee and it will become something healthy. Well, if not healthy per say, than at least it will bring about benefits that will act as agent of health improvement.

coffee beans writing spelling coffee
coffee beans writing spelling coffee

Make your own coffee, do it yourself

Next time the question “which coffee shops are near me?” comes up in your mind, forget about it and make your own coffee at home. Do not go chasing Starbucks coffee, Caribou coffee or Peets coffee. The best coffee can be made at home. Plus best tasting coffee is always your own. I personally like thick dark roasts with lots of hazelnut creamer, milk and sugar. That coffee definitely is not healthy. I know it. But we are not talking about calories here, so we’ll disregard consumption of extra sugars and fats from milk and/or cream. We want coffee to promote some health improving processes. So go ahead, put that coffee pot on the stove, or power on your Keurig machine, and make that favorite roast of yours, and while it’s boiling and cooking, continue reading this article – the best is yet to come. Below we will talk about several spices that promote health benefits when added to your favorite cup of jo, or even a latte or a mocha drink. Iced coffee can work here too, but best effects will surface in hot drinks, when hot water makes spices emit their beneficial qualities. Nevertheless, if you like or if it’s summer, you can make iced coffee good for you too, just make sure to add spices before chilling and icing your drink.

Cardamom + coffee = true world wonder

First spice to add to coffee that we’ll discuss is cardamon (or cardamom). This ancient spice has been adopted by people for over a thousand of years. In many countries coffee with cardamon is not only health improving drink, – it is also a symbol of hospitality and friendliness. It is often served on high-level summits and governmental events. Cardamon generally improves your body health, it calms you down, infuses new energy into you and removes the fatigue. It also improves the work of your spleen. It is recommended to drink cardamon coffee during summer heat, because it chills your body and quenches your thirst. And we all know coffee by itself often makes you even thirstier. So try cardamon coffee and see if that changes. You can use whole unprocessed grains of cardamom (put those into your coffee pot), or simply sprinkle some powdered cardamon right into your ready coffee cup. 1 pinch of cardamon for 1 cup of coffee will be quite enough. Of course, use it to your taste.

Cinnamon + coffee = forget your nyquil

Second spice to mention is cinnamon. It has stronger smell and taste than cardamom, so I talk about it second. Although “first” would be the obvious choice thanks to whole number of benefits one can reap from cinnamon spiked coffee. Cinnamon is truly an amazing spice. Adding it to coffee will help decrease the negative acidic effects coffee has on your body. Cinnamon cleans your blood, promotes better blood flow, warms you up inside and decreases inflammation. It is an amazing natural home-made help during cold and flu season. Yes, treat your cold with cinnamon coffee! Or at least try one time. You’ll see the difference. Ethnoscience (or maybe better – Folk Medicine) states and insists, that cinnamon coffee can better your mood, positively stimulate nervous system, improve clarity of your vision. And on top of all, the aroma coming from cinnamon coffee mug is simply indescribably good. You gotta try it! Just one little pinch of organic cinnamon powder and you’ll see what I mean.

coffee spices cinnamon nutmeg, make coffee good for you
coffee spices cinnamon nutmeg, make coffee good for you

Ginger + coffee = soul calming energy

Ginger is well known for its general calming effects. How to decrease or completely avoid coffee’s negative effects on your heart and stomach? Simply add a little ginger to your drink. Ginger coffee can help with headaches, fatigues/weakness, general stress. Ginger with coffee has a really amazing effect: if can restore your soul and emotional balance and promote inner soul calmness. Sportsmen and athletes are advised to drink ginger coffee after extensive training sessions and workouts. It helps replenish spent energy reserves and gives you will and desire to keep going and not fall into the chair in front of a TV set. Relax through motion! It is best to add ginger powder or a small piece of ginger root to the coffee pot (or espresso machine) during cooking process (and not after, it needs some boil). And don’t forget, there are some studies showing that ginger is very beneficial in cancer prevention and treatment. Fight cancer with ginger coffee! How’s that for your next coffee company’s billboard slogan?

Nutmeg + coffee = improved male functionality

There’s another great spice for coffee. It’s nutmeg. Not everyone likes its bitter aftertaste, so try a little taste first, before possibly ruining your fresh cup of coffee. On the positive side, nutmeg has good body-warming properties, it helps decrease frequency of sexual disappointments &  improves potency. It’s a powerful tonic, which improves brain functions and memory, increases your general work efficiency. They say, nutmeg is very beneficial for people with heart diseases. Only make sure to use small amounts of it, just a tiny pinch for the whole cup.

Black pepper + coffee = superb toxins flusher

How to make coffee into a cleansing toxin flusher? Is it possible? The answer is “yes”! It’s really easy, just add some black pepper. It will make coffee into a very powerful agent that improves metabolism, normalizes peptic functions and general digestion processes. It’s a natural antiseptic, a spiced up warmer upper. In winter time they recommend drinking black pepper coffee to treat tonsillitis, bronchial problems and sinuses. Just keep in mind, this way of drinking coffee promotes vasodilatation, hence when your cold or flu goes in its strongest phase, it is not recommended to drink black pepper coffee. 1-2 black pepper seeds or a couple of pinches of ground black pepper will do the trick.

Carnation + coffee = improved brain function

Now we have carnation and it deserves its own paragraph. Carnation in coffee acts to decrease and stabilize your blood pressure. It has great warming effect. It also makes coffee smell so much better. It increases blood flow to your brain, stimulates its work and improves memory. A cup of carnation coffee in the morning will infuse you with energy and increase your efficiency for the whole day. Try it out and you’ll love the results.

Anise + coffee = essential oil benefits

Anise (aniseed) is yet another amazing way to spice up your coffee or latte. Even that coco-drink could use some anise in it. We left this one for last for a reason – too many positive effects and some revelations too. Anise helps improve your condition during cold & flu season. Those suffering whooping cough can benefit from anise coffee. Aniseed contains seriously precious essential oils. Hence anise coffee will have whole array of essential oil benefits (click to read more), from helping with seizures to fat burning to general body health improvements, including better mood and respiratory help. And for the first time coffee can actually improve your mouth health, whiten your teeth and fight bad breath, and the last 2 are the worst negative cosmetic effects coffee has on your body (mouth in this case). That’s all thanks to essential oils contained in aniseed and anic spice itself. Consuming such coffee will bring about total improvement and strengthening of your body and health. In winter during cold and flu outbreaks, anise coffee will be the best homemade medicine. And finally another most amazing property of anise spiked coffee comes as power to restore your lost voice. How to get your voice back? Drink anse coffee! This was new even for me. Wish I’ve known this before, a few times in my life I needed that.. Oh well.. Now I know.

espresso machine - coffee that is good for you is at home
coffee espresso machine two cups

Conclusion: is coffee good for you?

Well, is coffee good for you or not? Probably, not. But it can be beneficial for your health, if not entirely healthy. Some people try going for decaffeinated coffee (yak!), others switch to arabika for it has one third of caffeine that regular coffee has (maybe). Third group of people goes for chicory coffee… Come on… it’s not coffee, my friends… But using the spices from the list we’ve talked about – yes, that’s the right way to do it! No compromise, sometimes even improved smell and taste, and the array of health benefits from spicing your coffee is simply as all-covering as a thick text-book. So next time instead of thinking “where is the closest Starbucks coffee shop around here”, turn to your own coffee pot, or your office espresso machine. Homemade cup of coffee will cost you a fraction of the Starbucks overpriced coffee drink, but spiced up properly will overshadow any shop-brewed coffee cup with its array of beneficial properties. And don’t forget to add these spices to other food on your table, it doesn’t have to be coffee for you to consume nutmeg and cinnamon.. Healthy way of living starts with you. Making your coffee good for you is just one little step. Continue on this path and your life will definitely become healthier, and better too. And you’ll still have your coffee, your best tasting coffee. Even if you really gots to have that Starbucks goodness. Why not, do it.. If you like overpriced java. Just bring a little bag of spice to the store and mix it into the paper cup. And don’t be shy, it’s your health we’re talking about!

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  1. I wash, bake and grind eggshells to alkalize and add minerals to my coffee (add with grounds.) Farmers who raise chickens do this for their chickens to strengthen their eggshells. Of course, farmers add the eggshells to the chicken’s feed not their morning cuppa joe!!! ?

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