Quite often we hear the question: why my hair suffers from split ends? In this article we’d like to discuss why split ends happen to our hair and how to help that. We will also look into several do-it-yourself natural remedies for splitting hair. Because anyone would agree: when hair splits at the ends, it really ruins the natural shiny beauty of our hair, our beauty and good mood. Let’s see why this may happen in first place.

Why hair sometimes splits at the ends

When hair is healthy, its cuticles don’t scale and hair looks great and naturally shiny. Dry damaged hair on the contrary have scaling cuticles that stick out in all directions, if looked under a microscope. The image below explains 3 different states of hair with a million times closeup. To the left the hair strand is healthy and normal. Middle image depicts partial damage to the hair cuticle: see how they part the hair shaft and start sticking out. This makes our hair generally looking as if uncared for, hard to style and braids’ ends look like mops. Inage to the right shows closeup of completely damaged and mostly missing cuticle. This is when hair splits and loses its natural beauty.

normal hair damaged cuticle and total loss of cuticle
normal hair damaged cuticle and total loss of cuticle

Outer Factors

Splitting ends are a huge problem for the hair, because they don’t just stay split at the ends. If situation is left untreated, hair strands may sometimes split deeper, up to the middle in worst cases. Dry hair needs care because it looks lifeless and void of its natural shine and radiant beauty. Very often split ends happen because of the incorrectly chosen hair care products. Other sources of negative impact on hair come from trying to strengthen it; often applying hair dye, refreshing or changing it; washing your hair with soap (soap washes away the protective coating film off the hair, exposing it to the elements). Wearing baseball hats or simply covering your hair with anything, blow drying your hair, exposing it to drastic temperature changes, washing hair with hot water, all these actions also greatly contribute into dry and breaking hair. Other causes why split ends happen may include hot iron treatments, hot curling contraptions, washing hair with hard water or water full of chloride, and many other reasons will cause dry and damaged, unhealthy hair.

Inner Factors

Not only elements and other outside reasons affect your hair. There are also inner body circumstances that may affect the healthiness of our hair. Sometimes we miss essential minerals and vitamins in our diet, they often are a part of healthy hair growth and support. Chronic conditions often leave their negative impact, sometimes for years left untreated, not visible but still dormant, they eventually bring our hair to the nasty damaged state. Skin fats, the grease that naturally sits in our skin and scalp, it greases up our hair, helping and protecting it against easy breakage. But sometimes that natural grease is not enough, or very little of it reaches the ends of the hair strands. What life changes can help the hair splitting without natural fatty greasy protective film? It’s of course the diet at first. We have to eat very properly nutritiously balanced food, including lots of milk based products, especially fermented ones including cottage cheeses. Eat more foods containing Vitamin E, more beans or other fiber containing products, especially the wild beans.

Home Remedies for split ends

Hair needs water. Not showers, but showers too. We need to drink more water. It is good and healthy to that just in general, but it also helps hair stay moisturized and promotes its health. Hair care products need to be selected according to your hair type. Don’t wash your hair in hard water, try to soften it, treat it with some simple baking soda. It also changes the pH level in water, makes it more alkaline, – better for the hair. We also recommend rinsing your hair with water infused with herbal decoctions and essential oils. You can use store-bought products for your split ends treatment, I am not stopping you. Most products are based on the ingredients from following diy home remedies that I’m about to describe below. Just always check the label for proper natural components. Refuse chemistry, because in many cases it was chemistry that did it to your hair. And more of it will make things worse 90% of the times.

splitting hair ends closeup
splitting hair ends closeup

Egg yolk based mask for splitting hair tips

Mask ingredients include 1 egg yolk, 100 grams (3-4 oz) of chamomile concoction (a half-cup of chilled chamomile tea will do just fine), 5 drops of vitamin E,  1 tablespoon of organic sour cream. Mash and mix the ingredients together, put the mask on your face. Add another yolk and more sour cream, if mixture is too liquid, it should stay on hair and not drip all over the floor. Most important to apply this mask the hair tips. But it will do only good if all hair is lathered with it. Keep this mask on for 30 minutes. This mask is a bit greasy, so wash out with your favorite shampoo in lukewarm water.

Kefir based split ends hair mask

Warm up about a cup of kefir (it’s a Russian drink, originally, but it can be purchased now in any medium+ sized grocery store) to room temperature. Then put it on your hair, from beginning to the ends, wrap your head with warm blanket and leave the mask on for about an hour. Later wash out with lukewarm water.

Gelatin hair mask for split ends

Take some organic natural gelatine powder, add water as per instructions to make gelatine. Add a few drops of almond oil, equal amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice, add 1 tablespoon of your favorite hair balm. Mix it all together. Apply this mask to clean and washed hair, preferably still wet, for about 1 hour. Then rinse with herbal water infusion.

Apple mask also helps damaged hair

Use food processor or any fine grater to mush 2 skinned apples. Fruit (and its skin) sometimes causes allergic reactions, always check if you’re allergic to different masks by applying a bit of the mixture to your hidden hand or leg area and monitor reactions. Hair masks touch the scalp, thus they also require “allergic testing” prior to application. Add 1 tablespoon of good organic mayonnaise, mix it all up. Now lather your whole hair length in this mixture and leave on for about half hour to an hour. Wash out with shampoo and rinse in alkaline water.

Honey & coconut oil mask for dry hair

This mask is very rich with nutrients, it will supply lots of vitamins to your dry and damaged hair from the outside, if your diet cannot provide those. Use 1 tablespoon of natural organic honey, 1 tablespoon of organic food grade coconut oil, a few drops of Vitamin E essence. Mix the 3 ingredients together, warm up the mixture on water bath to temperature slightly above room level. Apply to your hair full length from roots to tips, but especially on roots and tips. Keep mask on for 1 hour. Wash it out with lukewarm water and some shampoo.

And One Commercial Remedy – Monat Rejuvabeads

Still, it’s sometimes hard to really believe in your home remedies, and later blame split ends onto this kefir or egg yolk.. Well, in case you;re a perfectionist and want fast, almost immediate results, – you can check out this article here on Monat Rejuvabeads Review & Ingredients breakdown. Rejuvabeads solution has quickly become very popular and in-demand. It is basically all the remedies listed above – combined and super-charged with the science behind it. And they do produce amazing results. If you’re looking to get some samples, check out this collection of Rejuvabeads Reviews and on bottom there’s a link to ebay item, which may have expired, but it’ll show you similar items. You can purchase a little sample for a few bucks and see how that helps. and later you’ll find yourself trying to get some more of these Rejuvabeads… It’s really amazing.


All of these 4 masks are very easy to make, they require just minutes of preparation and won’t get in your way of everyday life, in the least they provide a nice cosy warm feelings, if not really instant results. Some people recommend cutting split hair ends, i don’t like such drastic measures, hair growth is very slow and not all hair is usually affected, so don’t listen to cuts advocates. Unless you’re using some miracle hair-growth products. I actually do know about those, I myself am using one and after 1 month I noticed hair growing in spots above forehead where i have been losing hair for a while. So hair regrowth is possible, but it still doesn’t justify cutting hair to get rid of split ends. Cutting only fixes the visible problem. While hair masks and changes in nutrition will tackle the split ends problem from all directions, and will usually bring about the best results. Treating hair with natural masks helps thinning hair condition as well. Good luck and may your hair be shiny and beautiful!!!

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