Coffee Addiction Symptoms

morning coffee
morning coffee addiction

Coffee addiction is something we try not to think about as we step into Starbucks every morning. Without any doubt coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. There are few drinks that can compete, tea might be one of them. We all like our coffee a certain way. Some in latte, some prefer espresso, and as for myself – I love it black. But every time I used to drink a cup of coffee, I would ask myself if it is good for me. If like me you will recognize yourself in some of the paragraphs below, maybe you should stop and think about it.

You start every morning with a cup of coffee. Your eyes hardly open without it. Despite just waking up you do not feel rested. Coffee is a wonderful and exquisite drink that one should savor. Instead we turn it into an alarm clock!

During the day you constantly take coffee breaks. Your mind is not the same without it. Daily coffee norm should not exceed 2 average size portions or cups. And do you know that 75 cups of coffee can be lethal for our bodies?

If you recognized yourself above – well you might be a  coffee addict.

When you drink more coffee than fingers on your hands, you realize that it is not a solution. And even though it is hard to stay away from coffee when every office has two or three coffee machines staring at you, there is always another way. Here are some recommendations on how to get rid of coffee addiction.

Ways to get rid of coffee addiction

Change your habits.

If you realize that you are addicted to coffee and you do not like this, well try to change your habits. If you start every morning promising to reduce coffee intake –  just do it! Conduct an experiment. Try to stop drinking coffee altogether. For example for 21 days. It is common knowledge that 21 days is enough to form a habit. As a result, you might find out that you do not need coffee to feel energized. Caffeine leaves your body after 24 hours. And in a couple of days your cravings will decrease. All you have to do is just be strong for the rest of the time. After this experiment you might find out that one serving of coffee a day is enough and learn to cherish this aromatic and savory drink.

Try to substitute.

I find it very interesting to note that oftentimes people have more of a psychological dependency or tradition rather than need for coffee. This can become a strong reason against drinking coffee. Why not substitute it for a healthier option without changing your habits.

For example, if you are accustomed to wake up and drink a cup of coffee every morning, try an alternative. As an alternative, you can start your day with a glass of cold water. Or you can make a healthy drink with honey, lemon and ginger to boost your energy and increase your metabolism in the morning. It is important since coffee also speeds up your metabolism. That is why sometimes you gain weight if you stop drinking coffee. So any drink that can help with digestion is a healthy alternative.

Try decaf.

If you cannot stop drinking coffee, try decaf. It has very similar taste but health benefit is tremendous. Caffeine blocks receptors in your body, which signal your brain that you are tired. So you feel energized. But in reality you are simply depleting whatever health and energy your body has left without even realizing it.

Think of other bad habits you can get rid of as motivation.

A lot of people combine coffee with smoking a cigarette. So if you decide to stop drinking coffee, the amount of cigarettes you smoke will also go down. It even can help you to eliminate this bad habit.

cigarette and coffee
cigarette and coffee

Try to exercise instead.

We never find time to exercise. Well, why not trade your morning cup of coffee for a short run in the park. Fresh air will increase your immune system. Your body will get healthier and you will feel better.

Try some of this recommendations and you will see results

I guarantee you will see results. And one more bonus – your teeth will be white for once. Yes, you read it right. Because we all know that coffee and tea damage our healthy white enamel. And what is better than a true joyful smile. And trust me, your body will easily manage all the stress without coffee, because it was built to do so. And if you cannot refuse it – at least try to make coffee good for you! On the other hand, coffee has been found to prolong life, so maybe it’s not the best idea to quit coffee, unless it harms the quality of your life…

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