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How to get Electric Flava Natural Seasoning

Electric Flava natural seasoning is a low sodium electric herb blend. It was created by a talented Chicago chef Meleka McGee. I personally met Meleka last year when she was holding a demonstration of her seasoning in my doctors office. She cooked 12 bean soup seasoned with Flava. And all patients were welcome to sample it. Needless to say I had two servings. It was my dinner that evening. I immediately purchased one of Chef Meleka’s seasonings. Also I made sure to take her card for the future. Supporting local business is the way to go.

As Meleka puts it herself, the herbs that are in her mix are Electric because they are completely natural, completely indigenous to the earth, saturated with sun rays, and are 100% alive. Electric herbs also help to increase copper within the nervous system promoting a greater activation and use of your brain and senses. So just like that I joined Chef Meleka in her movement and became a part of something that is Electric.

Electric Flava seasoning comes in different sizes. You can easily pick the one you want. Ingredients are simple: electric herb blend, cayenne pepper, and sea salt. There are no artificial flavors, preservatives, or chemicals. So I am completely on board. I personally love using Electric Flava seasoning with vegetables and on salads. I use it almost every day and never get tired of it. You can sprinkle it on fruits, veggies, meat dishes, soups. And you can try using it as your taco seasoning. It is universal spice blend. Way better than McCormick spices.

Where to get and learn more about Electric Flava?

Since I wrote my article on electric flava a lot of wonderful developments happened. Chef Meleka is always on the run. Sky is the limit. And she now has the new website.  There you can order the spices and even get a personal meal plan!

Mealprep with Flava Seasoning

If you are new to cooking and are located in Chicago, Chef Meleka can help with your mealprep. Sometimes she has spots available for new appointments and deliveries. Of course she also uses her wonderful herb mix to add flavor to your meals. Everything is cooked with love and lots of thought about your health. If you are doubting, just look at one of her wonderful deliveries.

Mealprep Chef Meleka
Mealprep by Chef Meleka McGee


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