Coca-Cola is a very old product and an experienced company, with lots of history, speculations, rumors, and aspirations for world domination. Did I catch your attention, now that you’re thinking if that is truly for real? Haha.. Who knows.. Ask Coca-cola the company, and they will surely deny it, as they’ve been denying any speculations or rumors surrounding their oh-so-well-balanced (tasting) drink. Coca-Cola is trying one of the quiet methods to reach world supremacy – via one of the most wide-spread products in the world. What is more popular than Coke? Maybe, cigarettes or alcohol..

Coca-Cola: a bit of history

coca cola vintage ford truck
coca cola vintage ford truck bad habit

Coca-cola was invented in Atlanta, back in 1886 by John Pemberton. He was a pharmacist, and originally he patented Coke as the remedy for all the ailments, especially nervous ones. And started selling it in the biggest pharmacy in town. Back then, Coke syrup consisted of 3 parts of coca leaves and 1 part of tropical cola nuts (a bit too much like drugs, if you ask me). Pemberton was perfecting the taste and its formula for quite a while, and sooner, or rather much later, he’s developed the amazing recipe: a combination of essential oils, herbs and their extracts. This syrup replaced the first 3 to 1 crude approximation and faster than you’ll know it became well famous. US President Franklin Roosevelt considered Coca-Cola as one of the monolithic symbols of The States, along with the star spangled flag and the national anthem. Today the recipe and ingredients proportions in this wonderful drink are kept very very secret and constitute a technological “know how”. The ingredients don’t include anything really special: there’s water, sugar (usually as high fructose corn syrup – one of the pet peeves of modern day’s healthy lifestyle advocates, but possible to buy with cane sugar or throwback – regular sugar), phosphoric lemon juice/acid, coloring agents, caffeine (the recipe supposedly leaked a few years ago). But there’s also one ingredient listed under the intriguing name of “Merchandise Seven X”. What is it, what’s it made of, what are the proportions – noone knew that for quite a long time. Only two or three top executives in the company knew exactly what was there.

Coca-Cola myths

In 2009 there was a huge case in Turkey, when local court has ordered local Coca-cola manufacturer to reveal the formula, based on suspicions that some of the components used to produce this drink are against Muslim religious life-style. There was some turmoil upon finding out that Coke contains Cohenille Bugs ued for coloring, while Muslim religion prohibits from eating insects. Although this coloring is in part added to other foods and drinks, Coca-cola has denied this allegation, you can find this “myth” in the resource I’ve listed above where they disprove several other myth. Another one included in that list is that Coke contains some alcohol. Another “recipe” leaked said that 2 gallons of syrup contain 8 oz of alcohol, which is very little even for syrup, but then 1 oz (28gr) of syrup yields about 5 gallons (or more) of Coke drink, which thins the alcohol down to 0.001% of the whole volume. But still it might be there, and Coca-Cola company doesn’t specifically deny it. They say that many a food contain alcohol, and small traces of it like that do not affect anything.. Well, who is the judge of that? And again muslims and arabs and the sales of Coke there were “affected” by these allegations.. Yes, big companies are always a target of small fish trying to prey on big mammoths of the sea…

General Soda ingredients affecting our body

All carbonated drinks get the most body-unpleasant ingredients, including sugar, acids, food coloring and preservatives. None of these should enter our body under any circumstances. Being liquid and mobile, these agents of unhealthy life get quickly absorbed into the blood stream. Those who like and drink lots of soda at first lower their immunity levels, then block the work of body’s fermenting mechanism, which later affects the nutrients exchange on the cell level. Here’s what happens to our body when we drink just 1 good glass of any regular soda:

  1. First 10 minutes are spent absorbing the abundance of sugar from the drink into our bloodstream..
  2. Another 10 minutes later blood insulin levels rise significantly, liver starts working in overclocked mde trying to convert sugars into fats.
  3. In another 20 minutes, blood pressure rises, some people might experience arrhythmical heart beat.
  4. That happens and 5 minutes later our body starts producing huge amounts of dopamine, which stimulates pleasure cortex in our brain.
  5. Another 15 minutes (1 hr total since “ingestion” of soda) phosphoric acid stars binding calcium, magnesium and zinc in our guts.
  6. Half hour of that intense work, and all these new elements leave our body, but with them we also release and drain our body of electrolytes and water, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and calcium which are extracted from our bones to counter all the chemistry that just happened in the stomach and guts..
coca cola bottles caps conveyer
coca cola bottles caps conveyer bad habit

What other negativity effects?

Please, note what generally happens to those drinking soda every day.. These days we can spot osteoporosis in 5-10 year old children. Years back this was a decease specifically found only in 60+ year olds. We let children enjoy their carbonated pop, and that promotes removal of calcium from the body, thus softening of the bones and teeth and also affecting their hair. And children grow up weak. The lack of calcium (also known as hypocalcaemia) could cause any number of up to 150 difference deceases. And all that from seemingly harmless carbonated drinks. Just an 8 oz glass of Coca-cola could greatly change the composition of blood stream, which in case seriously stimulates our hunger and thirst. In most cases soda lovers do not stop at one glass. And eating while drinking Coke could help you consume much more food than you would in general. These carbonated drinks are infused with thirst developing agents, that’s where more than 1 glass comes to play. Person just wants to continue drinking soda, more and more, until they consume 2-3 pints of it. Carbonated drinks flush more liquid our of your system than they actually bring in and contribute. That is thanks to all the additives that look ok but all together have a very adverse effect on our organism. And same happens in our children’s stomachs, cause kids are the biggest consumers of soda. Glucose levels rise and make us consume more and more food to try and counteract that. One 8 oz can of Coca-cola contains about 28 tablespoons of sugar. This is quite an anomaly for our body, which really pushes it into production of fats while having tremendous appetites. On top of that, while eating fatty foods like hamburgers or fries (hello, McDonald’s), we put a very big strain on the work processes of our stomachs. Juices in there cannot take on so much hard-to-process foods, especially additional fats. This makes ingested fats to chill down and fall out unprocessed, which fist sits as dead-weight in our stomach, makign us feel very sickeningly unpleasant.. Usually in a few hours these fats get transferred and end up in our hips and the gut. Coke definitely doesn’t help your mouth health. It stains teeth and promotes cavities. It also makes you gain weight.

Why Coke is better at McDonald’s

Coca-cola is good. Don’t get me wrong, no matter what I’ve written here, what I’ve described, – I will still drink Coke, or maybe even Pepsi, since I’m a bigger fan of the latter. Although Pepsi does have more sugar listed in nutritional facts on the bottle.. Yes, it’s good, especially with a hamburger. Especially at McDonald’s. Have you ever noticed?.. Recently this questions came up in a big forum I frequent. People asked why McD’s Coke is so much better than at any other place or chain. Some of the reasons in people’s answers included the following:

  • McDonald’s franchises specifically request Coke syrups to be delivered in metal tins, not in plastic bags, which retains better taste
  • McDonald’s restaurants are instructed to keep water just a bit colder than the industry standard, making it that more enjoyable and crips
  • McDonald’s has the scientifically researched and proven the best size for the drinking straw, a bit lesser diameter – and it tastes different, a bit bigger – and too much bubbles kill some of the taste.

there were some other reasons listed, but in my opinion the main reason was left unmentioned:

  • Thanks to being their own boss, McDonald’s must have probably tampered with the amount of syrup poured into each cup, adding maybe just 10% more per cup than instructed by Coca-Cola, but more sugar and flavor can make the drink so much more attractive. I sometimes mistake it for Pepsi when eating at McDonalds. And I do know Pepsi is not served there.. But tastes almost the same.. It’s that extra sugar, I think. I am almost sure. My taste buds don’t lie.

and so we come to the


Don’t drink Coke. Simply don’t. Don’t drink any soda at all if you can help. Drinking diet or sugar-less soda with hamburgers will yield exactly same results – fats will drop and end up in your hips. That is a scientifically proven fact. I do know I will continue. But I really hope that some of you, readers, will take this as a final call. But don’t drink soda. Well, if you can’t survive without it, like me, – simply go for one cup per meal, or even per day. It will still affect your body, but maybe restrain will eventually help you cut soda out completely… It causes diseases, it drains you of calcium, it’s full of carbonation, which makes you burp and messes up your acid levels… Soda is the words. Don’t drink soda! It’s a very bad habit. 

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