Clean silver at home
Clean silver at home

Why do we want to know how to clean silver at home? Well, almost all of us have silver items at home. It can be jewelry, dishes, cutlery, or antiques. However, all of those things become dark, dirty, and unseemly. Jewelry especially becomes ugly and unfit to wear. But it is easy to fix if you know how to clean silver at home. All of a sudden all those items can look like new again.

Why silver darkens? Does silver rust?

People always ask me, does silver rust? It kinda does, it reacts with oxygen and oxidizes, which essential answers the question: yes, silver does rust. however, there are several other reasons why silver things tarnish, become dark and lose shine:

  • humidity
  • contact with human body
  • improper storage – silver needs to be stored in dry places
  • contact with makeup cosmetics

As you can see it is almost impossible to prevent all of the above from happening. Silver gets tarnished from just being worn. Nevertheless, if you know how to clean silver yourself at home, you will never worry about it getting dirty again.

How to clean silver with lemon essential oil and baking soda

This recipe is very simple. It is also great for cleaning sterling silver. Put 3-5 drops of lemon essential oil on an old toothbrush and add some baking soda on top. Brush your silver item with the toothbrush till it regains the original shine. Polish your silver at the end with a silver polishing cloth, or if you have none – use a cotton ball. To see how easy it is you can watch my silver tarnish removal with essential oil video tutorial. Or simply scroll down and watch it right here on my page. I prefer the essential oil method as it is the most natural and organic. If you’re interested, Doterra Lemon Essential Oil is my favorite. I’ve also compiled an extensive list of essential oil uses and applications, because essential oil is one of the most versatile products, and I love it a lot.

Dirty ring
Dirty ring – before cleaning
Clean ring
Clean silver ring

Additional home-made ways to clean silver

  • 10% ammonia alcohol – add it in a glass dish, add silver items for 15 minutes, remove and rinse with water
  • Coca-cola drink – add coca cola to a dish with silver items, boil for 3-5 minutes, take out silver items and rinse with water
  • Salt – add 1 tsp of salt to 200 ml of water, add silver items and keep in this mix for several hours
  • Water from boiled eggs  – save water after you boiled eggs and let it cool, let silver items sit in this water for an hour or more if necessary, rinse and dry

Now that you know how to clean your silver at home you can choose the method that you like best. However, to preserve silver shine it is recommended to occasionally polish it with a flannel fabric cloth (or silver cleaning cloth). And if you are doing housework, simply take off your silver jewelry. This way you will not have to worry about cleaning it for a long time.

Cleaning silver jewelry with Lemon Essential Oil (6 min Video Tutorial)

As promised earlier, here is my video tutorial on how to effectively clean your old oxidized silver jewelry, sterling silver and other silver items using only a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil, some baking soda and a old tooth brush. I’ve also seen there are other methods and techniques available, I listed some of them above. Most of them involve boiling water and other natural but destructive products and actions and their combinations. All those methods figuratively and literally boil down to the fact that you’re removing a tiny layer of clean silver with the unwanted dirty oxidized tarnish layer. Essentially, you’re destroying your silver jewelry. Indeed, removing silver tarnish with essential oil is as natural as they come, but also helps you preserve that jewelry for many decades.

Find more Do-It-Yourself tutorials and homemade natural remedies on my youtube channel.

Where to buy Essential Oils

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