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Destined Initiatives is not just another blog or business. It is a way of life – meaningful, filled with purpose and love. I strongly believe that to live a naturally beautiful life we need to grow on all levels, including our spiritual selves. Natalia Shelton, founder of Destined Initiatives, helps us do just that. I caught up with Natalia and were able to ask her a few questions. I hope you will enjoy this interview and check out her blog.

Destined Initiatives founder
Destined Initiatives founder – Natalia Shelton

What was the inspiration behind Destined initiatives?

Destined Initiatives was an idea that I came up with several years ago. It was initially intended to be an accountability/networking group for women who had God-given ambitions that they aspired for. My thought for the group was that anything from God is achievable as long as you have a strong relationship with him, a working plan to push you forward, and an accountability crew that would not only keep you inspired, but would also be a resource pool of each members’ area of expertise.

Seven years later from my initial plan for Destined Initiatives up until the launch of the blog has taught me so much! The main thing I learned is that life is better balanced when priorities are in order and that before launching into the deep to reach dreams, I first had to learn how to be consistent in my relationship with God. I had to learn how to be a good wife, mother, and homemaker. I don’t feel like I’ve lost time during this season of “foundation building” because God was teaching me about his standard of life and how my lifestyle and priorities should always follow that standard. God built a solid foundation in my spirituality with himself as center. I was enlightened to my core purpose and my character was developed so that I could be set for his approval and promotion into the ministry that Destined Initiatives offers.

My own experience is actually the inspiration behind Destined Initiatives. As I reflect on my life’s lessons, I blog to discuss real issues that real people face that could potentially frustrate their relationship with God and thus their God-given destiny, so Destined Initiatives encourages readers to face these issues head on through prayer and obedience to the principles of the Word of God.

So what do you do in everyday life that you think you are great at?

I’m a natural lover, so inspiring people comes naturally for me because I intentionally love people in hopes of seeing their lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To be the author of the Destined Initiatives blog is incredibly fulfilling because I get to reach people through a variety of topics and end up at the same core point. That point being that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.

What is the one thing that you are not so good at?

I struggle with issues that I think many dreamers struggle with. As my heads are in the clouds about dreams and etc., I have tendencies to start projects, but not finish them in a timely manner, I procrastinate, and I struggle with organization of things and time management. I’ve been working on being more organized in my life in general. This is a challenge for me, but because the future depends on me keeping things organized, I have to transform this weakness into a strength. Over the past year, I’ve come a very long way and my goal for 2018 is to set up systematic ways to effortlessly accomplish my responsibilities and goals, so that I can focus my time on the newness that I want to see manifested.

How has Destined initiatives helped you to leave a better life?

Since Destined Initiatives is inspired by my relationship with God and on principles of the Word of God, I can’t say that Destined Initiatives is helping me to live a better life and stop there. I have to first give God all the credit for the blessed life I have now and say that through Destined Initiatives my life’s purpose is being fulfilled in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. I’m having so much fun connecting with people about the topics discussed, I’m meeting new people, I’m praying on another level for the ministry involved, I’m becoming more organized and intentional about my day, I’m overcoming the fears of a new entrepreneur as I experience them, I’m being challenged on all ends which of course develops character. I am thrilled and honored to be in this season of my life!

The essence of Destined Initiatives has helped me stick to the standard it represents. Fundamentally, the standard is to love God with all our heart, mind, and soul, love our neighbor as we would love ourselves, and be a witness to the lost world. Destined Initiatives is a special gift that God has given me to worship him and I believe that it’s a gift that will keep giving because it will open many doors of opportunity to expand my influence and impact in the world for Christ’s sake.

Natalia Shelton - Destined Initiatives founder
Natalia Shelton – Destined Initiatives founder

What were the biggest struggles that you had to overcome?

The biggest struggle I had to overcome personally was letting go of the control of my own life and trusting that God would give me the best life I could possibly have. I was afraid I’d miss something if I relinquished control to Jesus as my Savior. Once I made the decision to wholeheartedly move forward in my Christian faith, I made a lot of decisions to let different people and things go. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Looking back, what was the moment when you decided to embrace God and let him guide your destiny?

When I was in college I got tied up with the wrong crowd. I was making poor decisions as it related to people and things that I ran to for security. At a certain point, I got tired of my lifestyle and I made several attempts to change my own life. I was terribly unsuccessful and I always ended up doing the same self-destructive things. I was awfully depressed and after trying to do things on my own, I started praying “God, if you are real, then I need you to show me that you are real”. God did just that. I moved from my hometown to Texas within one month in search for real love and boy, did I find it. I lived as a single young Christian lady for five years before meeting my husband. During that five years of my singleness, I fell in love with God over and over again. I learned about his Word and he gave me so much understanding about the spiritual and natural world. Those years were a huge turning point for me.

What role do you think spiritual health plays in overall well-being?

My spiritual health helps me in life overall. We are spirit beings first and the condition of everything else in our lives is a reflection of what’s going on with our Spirit. My relationship with Jesus Christ has helped me in my relationships across the board. I have a higher esteem about myself and it shows in how I won’t settle for things that are less than God’s best for me and are detrimental to my destiny. This includes relationships, financial decisions, habits, and many more. I’m also aware of who I am today and who I’m striving to be. I simply want to be the woman who’s reached her full potential in Christ. I have many more things that I want to tackle in becoming that woman that I have aspired to actively pursue in the near future.

Can you share some of your goals and aspirations for the future?

My aspirations for the future of Destined Initiatives is to create a worldwide recognizable brand that offers quality products, including books, clothing, music, and etc., that people use every day that will inspire them to keep striving for perfection in their walk of faith. 

I would also like to get involved with the community to empower less advantaged youth and their families with biblically principled resources to further them academically, socially, and spiritually.

Destined Initiatives gear
Destined Initiatives gear that inspires you every day!


I am very grateful to have met Natalia , who is my dear friend, mentor, and inspiration. She is a wonderful example of strong women who chose to live a naturally beautiful life with  meaningful purpose behind it. So please check out her blog to get recharged and inspired. And if you want to surround yourself with meaningful reminders that brighten up your day, please check out her online store. My personal favorite is  a beautiful journal. I will admit that I do keep one and it helps me voice my hopes, aspirations, prayers and goals.

Destined Initiatives journal
Destined Initiatives journal

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