why my feet are always cold? cold feet socks boots
why my feet are always cold?

Today I’ve spent all day with my AC on. Yes, it was hot.. Very hot, if you ask me. But AC helps and eventually I got really cold.. Especially my feet and hands. And then I’ve had a deja-vu, or rather “deja-felt”, – I feel this sometimes, even in hot weather.. My feet and hands sometimes get cold just because (or so I’ve thought). Thus today I’ve decided to look deeper and understand why I sometimes get this cold hands & feet “syndrome”… Cold hands are not really an unbearable problem, but when feet are cold – that could make one suffer, especially if it happens in cold weather.

Cold feet meaning

While doing my research I’ve noticed, many people report this “condition” and search for answers. Unlike me, most of the affected people have cold feet at all times. The quick thought comes that this depends alot on the specifics of human body. There’s pretty much no fat and little muscles in the very sole of our feet, same with palm of our hands. Therefore we radiate heat via soles and palms (and waste it) much more than produce it (or receive) it there. Indeed, most heat in our bodies is produced by movement and friction of muscles. If you have problems with blood flow or some heart condition, or maybe thyroid gland isn’t fully working, vascular or varicose conditions, diabetes, even maybe some hormonal changes are happening in your body, well, all these could be the cause why your feet always feel cold.
An interesting fact is that women usually suffer cold feet more often than men. This happens because women have less muscle than men. A woman was created to give birth, and that, in my opinion and according to some smart scientists, causes her body to try and keep all the reproductive organs warm at all times. Which in many cases allows for much less warmth to reach women’s feet or hands, due to the decreased blood flow to those limbs.

Main causes of cold feet (and cold hands)

Everyone has probably had this unpleasant feeling when feet or hands get cold. It could just happen in winter, not necessarily due to some medical problems, so most people have probably experienced cold feet. Yes, I see the irony. No, we are talking about cold and socks and mittens, not about getting cold feet and running away from your wedding or something.. =) But before complaining about this unhealthy phenomenon, lets figure out what is going on with the body..

  • One of the reasons could be the sickness called Somatic Vegetative Dysfunction (aka Somatoform Dystonia). With this condition body sometimes discharges excessive amounts of adrenaline while blood vessels spasm. This could be the cause of feet and hands being cold.
  • Hypothyroidism causes your thyroid gland to make insufficient thyroid hormones. That indeed slows down all the body processes, which also decreases the energy discharge. Body gets tired much faster than usual, and the cold feet symptoms start creeping in.
  • With the iron deficiency anemia, your body’s hemoglobin levels can dwindle. This causes lack of oxygen in blood vessels, which again makes your feet and hands cold.
  • And one more reason comes to mind. When your gastrointestinal system has parasites or even worse – intestinal worms, that is also very bad.. When these uninvited guests make themselves at home in your body,  strong toxins burst inside you. And first line of defense, not really defense, but first affected body systems include the blood vessels, which again causes cold feet.
  • If your blood pressure changes from high to low in a matter of minutes, or vice-versa, that could also be causing the problems with limbs, making them feel cold. When the blood pressure is high, blood vessels are spasming therefore problems arise with blood flow. Same happens with low blood pressure.
  • Another cause of cold hands & feet sometimes comes to light when your body gets excessive amounts of fungus. That happens after doing a course of strong antibiotics, for example. A very good paradoxical example: treat your flu with antibiotics, just to develop a fungal infection (candidiasis). That’ll make give you always cold feet, until you get rid of candida  in your body.
  • We should also mention that medical compounds with beta-adrenoblockers could cause spasms of blood vessels, making you get cold feet. Other ingredients could do that as well, including ergot and spur as the major ones.
  • Bad habits, as to my dismay and surprise, can cause one have cold feet. Yes, smoking and nicotine makes the blood vessels spasm too (not as much as bursts of adrenaline though). I do smoke, so maybe this is mine… Indeed my feet are always cold, winter or summer.
  • And finally, if you’ve ever had your feet or hands seriously frozen, up to the point of frostbite, well.. Every time weather gets colder… Well…  You just might be complaining that your feet are always cold till the end of your life. The winter is coming! =)
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Why do i get cold hands all the time?

How to help the cold feet at home

Below are our recommendations, but do not take them as the doctor’s advice. Always see a doctor if your cold feet condition is affecting your day-to-day life. Your favorite physician or a good rheumatologist should be able to help you diagnose the problem.

Meanwhile some prophylactic methods could help the cold feet symptoms at home:

  • Drop your bad habits, including smoking.
  • Stop drinking coffee and strong tea, substitute with herbal teas infused with mint, balm and lion’s ear (skullcap).
  • Definitely include strong spices into your food ration. Black pepper and cayenne pepper greatly promote widening of blood vessels, thus more blood will reach cold hands and feet.
  • Sometimes try to take some anthelmintic supplements to clean out the gastrointestinal system.
  • Try to exercise more often and visit hot saunas or steam rooms in spas.
  • Hot foot bath should also help. It’s quite an obvious remedy, but I do leave it for the last, since it simply warms up your feet and doesn’t really do anything to fix the condition. To help increase the warming effect, add 2-3 tablespoons of mustard seed to the hot foot bath water, and keep your feet in it for 15-20 minutes. After wipe and dry very good and wear warm socks or stockings.
  • Also avoiding stress situations will also help. Especially it’ll stop rise of blood pressure levels, won’t disturb the blood flow and stop discharge of adrenaline, hence lesser cold feet symptoms.

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