coconut oil jar wooden spoon ultimate use guide
coconut oil jar wooden spoon ultimate use guide

Coconut Oil is a blast. It’s good. It’s useful. It’s the stuff. No matter what other tell you, coconut oil is still good for you. To sum up that report everyone’s talking about: it’s heavily based on studies conducted from 1950 till recent years. And while there are facts from those studies, there  are also facts from life and scientific progress. Some properties of Lauric Acid are only coming to light in recent decade or so, since it’s such a big part of coconut oil. And while we have already touched on the topic of how to use coconut oil at home, we’d like to go over the few dozen uses of coconut oil in regards to DIY and Home Remedy applications. Yes, this collection of tricks and tips is primarily directed at those, who were heavily impressed by the recent talks of coconut oil being less healthy than everyone thought. For those of us, who actually decided to lay off the coconut oil for a while, but still have a big jar on the shelf, or maybe a few jars.. And so, let us see, what other uses there are for coconut oil, besides its food applications… So here we go..

The Ultimate Guide to Using Coconut Oil

Quick Preface & Introduction

I want to build up your “appetite” along the way of this guide to coconut oil applications, it’s very extensive, it covers almost 50 of those applications. And some of them are quite mundane, as the first dozen, for example. But then it gets more and more interesting, and last few ways to DIY with coconut oil will actually make you smile, if not totally take you by surprise. But if you can’t wait for the Unbelievable Uses of Coconut Oil – just click the chapter link above. Also worthy of mentioning, some uses mention DIY Cooking. In those cases, it’s mostly cleaning after cooking or preventing messy cleaning with previous application of coconut oil (making it much easier to clean up after cooking). A few of the DIY Cooking advices are about real cooking, like replacing butter with coconut oil or mixing it with peanut butter. Please, be aware, those are either making a healthier meal for you, or are irrelevant by mass (1 spoon of coconut oil for 1 cup of peanut butter, – the latter will dominate and win, amounts are too different). But please, feel free to avoid the cooking advice, since we’re here mostly looking into DIY household applications of coconut oil, and not really cooking, since we don’t want to eat it anymore.. For some different reasons, i guess..

I am yet to test some remaining few of these applications, I do agree and have tried about 3/4ths of them. But I am not omnipresent, so if something doesn’t work, please, let me know via comments below. Also, if you do know some other exciting ways to use coconut oil that I didn’t mention, – it would be really great if you add them (again, via comments). Let’s make this the ultimate guide for coconut oil applications! Are you in? =) I will be updating this article and keeping it fresh with new methods to use coconut oil in our lives, so.. you know… keep checking back. =)

10 Mundane Everyday uses of Coconut Oil

  1. DIY Home: Squeaky door handles and other things you’d spray with WD-40 (the lubricating water displacement spray) can be rubbed with a bit of coconut oil.
  2. DIY Cleaning: Easily remove crayon marks from anywhere after your kids get out of control. Simply rub dirty spots on the walls with some coconut oil, and it’s guaranteed to come off.
  3. DIY Cleaning: Coconut oil will help remove labels and all the sticky glue left behind after removing those labels from bottles, plastic, from anywhere, in fact. Just rub label or sticky glue with it, and in a few minutes it can be wiped off with a paper towel.
  4. DIY Cooking: Make your measuring cups and spoons easier to clean by rubbing them with coconut oil prior to scooping sticky foods like honey, lobster sauce, mayonnaise, etc.
  5. DIY Home: Take off your stuck finger or toe rings by slathering some coconut oil on the swollen fingers. Helps as good as using any other food-grade oil, though.
  6. DIY Cleaning: Restore the freshly bought look to all your stainless steel home appliances, make them gleam and shine like new, by rubbing some coconut oil in their surfaces. Try to keep same direction or make circular motions where possible to prevent streaks from forming and to spread oil evenly.
  7. DIY Cooking: Before cooking with a bunch of (wooden) utensils that cannot be washed right away, try and rub them with coconut oil one day to make cleaning them way easier without prior soaking in water.
  8. DIY Beauty: Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for dry skin. The best time to use it is after bath or shower, when skin is still a bit damp, for better penetration. Slather whole body, if desired, in coconut oil and that’s all, pretty much. Always account for possible allergies, so don’t do it just because I recommend: try first a bit on your hip or shoulder, any hidden spot, see if allergic reaction pops up. Only 1 out of 2000 people is allergic to coconut oil, so chances are tiny, but it is still possible that you might be one of those few (1 of 2000 means about 4 million people on Earth are allergic to coconut oil, so watch out).
  9. DIY Skin: As a following one, but not exactly the same, – rub your rough cuticles with coconut oil, it’ll make them look very nice (after multiple applications).
  10. DIY Cleaning: Prevent tomato sauce stains in your plastic storage ware by rubbing some thin coat of coconut oil into the items before storing tomato sauce based foods in them. This will also prolong the food storage time thanks to antibacterial properties of coconut oil.

10 Great Applications for Coconut Oil at Home

  1. DIY Hair: Remove chewing gum from your hair (or your children’s) by simply slathering some coconut oil on hair where gum is trapped. As a matter of fact, this is a great replacement for nasty dirty peanut butter gum removal method, because coconut oil is good for your hair, it prevents split ends, and rubbing in into your skin and hair was not disapproved by the American Heart Association in that famous report (link goes to PDF file, don’t be surprised). They actually say there that it’s OK to apply coconut oil externally. So it’s actually good for you, until proven otherwise by another devastating article from AHA with a bunch of studies they’ve been stockpiling for the past 75 years… Sorry, sorry, I’m still appalled by how people have all hoarded against the coconut oil in just few days..
  2. DIY Cleaning: Rub some coconut oil into your bronze items, and it will make them shine natural colors and prevent from extensive dust accumulations (for displayed busts, for example) for a while.
  3. DIY Cleaning: Wipe ink off plastic items by rubbing some coconut oil into the dirty/affected surface. Helps against not-so-permanent markers too.
  4. DIY Cleaning: If your walls or floors have scuff marks (left by black shoe soles, mostly) – easily wipe them off with a bit of coconut oil. Make sure to wipe the oil off after that, to prevent kids (and adults, why not?) from slipping.
  5. DIY Home: Keep your wooden spoons and ladels looking nice and shiny by rubbing them with coconut oil once a month. This will prevent any rotting or wood corrosion.
  6. DIY Health: If a bug bites, and skin itches, – it’s easy to relieve that sensation by rubbing a bit of coconut oil on the bitten area. It will also promote faster healing.
  7. DIY Beauty:  Homemade face masks enthusiasts should all adopt this next one… Mix coconut oil and honey (equal amounts, 1 to 1), and then slather your face with the mixture, don’t rub, just apply the mixture to your skin. 15-20 minutes later it can be removed, best to rinse it off with lukewarm water. Besides working on many levels it also helps moisturize and provides antibacterial effect.
  8. DIY Cooking: Spray cookie trays and muffin shapes or rub them with some coconut oil before pouring in the batter. This will make baked items slide right off the trays and pop right out of the shaped-trays.
  9. DIY Beauty: Treat your cracked feet soles with coconut oil before going to bed, wear thick winter socks and wake up to naturally moisturized and odor-free feet. Repeat this for a few days per week, and your feet will be baby-like smooth and soft to touch.
  10. DIY Cleaning: Clean and shine your car’s tires and rims with some coconut oil. It’s a fast process, especially the shine, and it will last quite a long time. try it out!

15 More or Less Original Ways to Use Coconut Oil

  1. DIY Garden: Rub shovel and other garden tools with coconut oil to have dirt stick to it less (or not at all, depending on oil quality)
  2. DIY Car Cleaning: Wipe off smashed dead bugs and tree sap by applying coconut oil to your car hood or doors. Let the oil sit for a few minutes though to penetrate and moisturize. Then wipe off with a paper towel or a cloth, which is better for cars..
  3. DIY Cleaning: Restore the store-bought look and shine on any patent leather by treating it with 1 light coat coconut oil. Any leather, human or animal leather, – like coconut oil. That’s a fact.
  4. DIY Disinfecting: Rub small amount of coconut oil into meat cutting board to prevent bacteria from forming in the deeper cuts and to “sterilize” them (in a way). Coconut oil contains several fatty acids that actually work great as antibacterial agents.
  5. DIY Furniture Polish: add a teaspoon of lemon juice or orange juice to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to make homemade Lemon Pledge, and rub it on wood surface with a cloth or paper towel. Sometimes juice can be too acidic, so check first in a hidden spot. But generally the acidity can be circumvented by using Lemon Essential Oil.
  6. DIY Cleaning: Clean your leather jacket, and any leather furniture and leather pants and anything leather, it;s easy to do so with a big of coconut oil. Apply oil and then wipe it off in a few minutes, that’ll be enough to make leather shine again. Use it on any Outer leather – very good results.
  7. DIY Beauty: Help get rid of your eye wrinkles by doing daily applications of tiny bit of coconut oil right under your eyes. Wipe it off after a few minutes though, don’t leave on overnight.
  8. DIY Cooking: Pour a couple of teaspoons of hot coconut oil onto the dark burnt baked chunks of batter stuck on the baking cookie sheet, let it sit for a few minutes, and then easily wipe off the burnt batter with a paper towel or wash it off in the sink.
  9. DIY Cooking: Make your mundane peanut butter taste great and original by adding 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to 1 cup of peanut butter with cocoa powder and salt to the taste. And mix with food processor nicely. You’ll never want to return to your old peanut butter after this. So maybe best not do it.. =)
  10. DIY Health: Coconut oil vapor rub can be made by mixing 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with 7-10 drops of any vapor-rub-worthy essential oil, like peppermint or eucalyptus. You can use it as any store bought vapor rub (check the matching ingredients): rub it in your chest or apply a bit under your nose to clear out the sinuses.
  11. DIY Beauty: When going out, take a but of coconut oil with you. Moisturize hands any time, especially in winter, it’ll  keep them warmer and do good things to skin. Placing it in the “original uses”, because it’s kinda weird to rub your hands with food grade oil, right?
  12. DIY Cooking: Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to your favorite fruit when making a fruit smoothie. This will greatly improve taste, plus it will make cleaning the blender so much easier afterwards.
  13. DIY Beauty: Add 2-3 spoons of coconut oil to your full of hot water medium sized bathtub. Then get in and expect deeper moisturizing. Add some epsom salt to also soothe muscle pains.
  14. DIY Hair: Coconut oil makes a great hair mask. The process is very simple: after washing your hair with shampoo, use as much oil as you must to cover whole hair mop with it, from tips to roots. Let it sit on for a few minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Best to do it right before getting out of the shower, some oil will stay on your body and will be rubbed into your skin everywhere when you wipe yourself, or wear the bathrobe and dry that way. This way your whole body benefits from coconut oil and you don’t really waste any of it.
  15. DIY Homework: please, come up with a special use of coconut oil that is more than the mundane skin rubbing and let us know in comments below! we will place the suggestion in this list with the link to your resource!


coconut oil jar wooden spoon hot to use diy guide
coconut oil jar wooden spoon hot to use diy guide

15 Ways to use Coconut Oil you’d Never Think of

  1. DIY Shower & Bathtub cleaner: Pour some coconut in a little bowl, and keep adding baking soda to it and mixing until it reminds of toothpaste by consistency. Now apply a thin layer of this paste to the nasty mold and mildew spots in your bathroom, and wipe it off 15 minutes later. Clean shine guaranteed! Way cheaper than those bubbling bubbles too. =) And healthier.
  2. DIY Home: Speed up seasoning of your cast iron pans and pots by rubbing some coconut oil into their surface and then heat-treating them at 250F in the oven for 2-3 hours. Repeat this a few times after each use of the items and eventually there will be no more food sticking to the cast iron pans while cooking. What an amazing way to use coconut oil! Don’t you agree?
  3. DIY Cleaning: Rub some coconut oil into the kitchen sink after having cleaned it off with Ajax or Comet or something.. This will prevent water stains from forming in the sink and will keep it cleaner and disinfected for a day.
  4. DIY Beauty: Coconut oil body scrub will definitely astound you. Oil is a good moisturizer, yes, but lets go one step further and use its natural skin penetration properties to exfoliate and rejuvenate skin. Simply mix 1 to 1 coconut oil and sea salt or raw sugar. Rub on, leave for a few minutes, and wipe it off for silky smooth skin.
  5. DIY Hair: Coconut oil makes case for de-frizzing your hair. Just use a tiny amount of the oil and rub it on the tips on your hair, maybe last inch of it or so. Rub more of your hair with it for stronger results.
  6. DIY Cooking: Replace butter in recipes with coconut oil. This is a complicated path and a hard decision, but it can and should be done! According to AHA, butter is very unhealthy, it  is way worse for you than coconut oil, it definitely raises bad cholesterol levels in your body, try to stay away. While coconut oil will make your food different for a while, new aromas, new stuff to try.. So yeah, cook with coconut oil, not butter! But maybe don’t replace all of your daily oil intake with coconut oil. You still need olive oil, sunflower oil, even heck, – the canola oil is also one of the irreplaceable items in our diets.. You can use equal amounts of coconut oil in butter based recipes.
  7. DIY Beauty: Save your old lipstick containers, scrape out leftover lipstick or lip balm, and add an equal amount of coconut oil to it, heat it up and mix nicely. Let it cool and voila – you have coconut oil based lip balm of your flavoring choice. Remember, it’s good to apply coconut oil to your skin, it penetrates fast and succeeds!
  8. DIY Pet/Cleaning: Very interesting one… Before filling that litterbox with the new batch of kitty litter, rub some coconut oil on the bottom of the litter box to prevent wet litter sticking to it later when cats do their business and dig a deep hole for that.. This will also have it smell tasty for a few hours – Natural Air Freshener =) Should be a separate entry.. =)
  9. DIY Beauty: Coconut Oil Shaving Cream (which essentially is just coconut oil rubbed on women’s legs or on face for men) gives amazing close shave and simultaneously moisturizes the skin. Try it out, just make sure if you spill some – don’t slip and break a bone, best to do this outside of the bathtub or shower box.
  10. DIY Beauty: Clean up your makeup and mascara brushes once in a few weeks by rubbing them with 2 to 1 mixture of soft dish soap and coconut oil. Try to rub bristles only, don’t get the mixture on the plate where they are glued to the brush, since coconut oil can dissolve that and bristles will fall out. Clean up in warm water. Repeat as needed on first wash, expecting further washes to be much easier, since brushes’ bristles are now treated with coconut oil, the oil that helps dirt stay off the shovel, – it will keep mascara off the brush for sure. Dry brushes overnight coconut oil, don’t use blow dryer, it will get oil to the glued areas.
  11. DIY Health: Dub your fresh cut or scratch with a cotton ball with some coconut oil on it. Antibacterial properties of the oil should promote faster healing and scar reduction. This can also be applied to the process of healing your new tattoo: rub coconut oil on it and around it to see better and faster healing results.
  12. DIY Beauty: A bit of coconut oil on your regular cotton makeup removal rounds will, as they say, create “make up removal pads on steroids”.. Liquify some of the oil by warming it up on the stove or microwave it a bit, don’t make it hot though. Put a teaspoon of liquid oil on each cotton round, store in a sealed lunch baggie, and use as needed for the cleanest makeup removal you’ve ever experienced. And it’s good for your skin. Do yourself a double good! =)
  13. DIY Cleaning: Try your own car detailing project with coconut oil as the cleaner. You will be surprised at the results. Although for very very dirty engines, – some water washing will first be appropriate. Use coconut oil to remove gunky buildup and all the dirt and grease embedded into the metal. For simply dirt washout – water is still the best.
  14. DIY Sunscreen: Yes, another one here I’d never known and wouldn’t do really – cover my face in oil, but apparently this works well with coconut oil and putting it on your skin has a good although short lasting sunscreen effect. Coconut oil is something about around SPF 5, which in my book is a good half hour in the sun on a walk with the dog.
  15. DIY Homework: we’re compiling the ultimate guide to using coconut oil, so don’t leave us hanging and waiting for mo, contact! =)

5 Unbelievable Coconut Oil DIY Home Remedies

  1. DIY Fireplace: For a great fireplace fire experience and unexpected amazing smells, add a few cotton balls soaked in coconut oil to the wood in your fireplace. The results will be spectacular!
  2. DIY Cleaning: Coconut oil is a great dust repellant, especially in your car. Try and clean all the plastic, polished wood and leather surfaces inside your car with some oil, and in a week or two you’ll definitely see the results: car will look cleaner, shinier inside. Do not rub glass with it, do not rub any surfaces with decals (it might just remove them), but any vinyl or leather areas will benefit greatly. This is more of a reverse feeling, right? Rubbing fatty oil inside my car, what is this nonsense?? No, it’s not nonsense, it actually works great! Truly unbelievable until tried it yourself.
  3. DIY Oral care: Make your own DIY homemade toothpaste. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and a few drops of any flavorful extract or essential oil. Mix it up nicely, dip your toothbrush in the mixture, and brush as you would any other day. Besides cleaning your mouth, it also disinfects and kills bacteria better than major brand store bought toothpaste. Top off this natural oral cleaning procedure with essential oil homemade mouthwash or any other diy homemade mouthwash!
  4. DIY Health: Aromatherapy is great with coconut oil. All you need is a diffuser, add some food grade coconut oil poured into it, or even better – coconut essential oil. Let it all get into the air, helping you relax and shake off the stress.
  5. DIY Hair: Homemade remedies for hair split ends always include coconut oil. Use honey and oil 1 to 1, with added a few drops of Vitamin E, mix it nicely and apply to your hair, bottom to top, leave on for an hour. Repeat a few times a week. Depending on the state of your splits, it will take some time to fix, but results will be visible after just 2-3 applications.


There’s literally hundreds of ways to use coconut oil in your household, on your body and maybe even eat it a little. Don’t give up on coconut oil because someone tells you to! It’s an amazing product and it will do wonders in your house, just apply it properly. Hopefully this helps your quest to find uses for all that leftover coconut oil. Enjoy! =)

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