Camu Camu powder
Camu Camu powder

A lot of healthy food junkies are already raving about Camu Camu benefits. They call it the new super-food. I learned about it on my recent trip to Peru, Amazon region. And I had a chance to try camu camu as fruit, as juice, and in powdered form. Out of all three I prefer the juice, but alas it is hard to get in the US. So I will use powder like the rest of us.

How does Camu Camu look like?

Camu camu
Camu camu

Camu camu looks like a big round grape. It has red skin and yellow pulp inside. The fruit is relatively small, contains a big seed inside. And it is very sour. I honestly love sour things, but beware. It feels like eating a warhead. Camu camu juice on the other hand is great. It is still sour but pleasant. To be honest, I am sure that a lot of sugar is added into it. So powder or raw fruit is a healthier alternative.

Camu Camu benefits

  • High content of vitamin C – 100 gram contain 3575% daily value. Amazing fact is that Camu camu is the highest vitamin C rich food on Earth that I am aware of!
  • Supports bone health due to high Manganese content – 100 gram contain 106% of daily value
  • Contains carotenoids that are known to boost physical health – 100 gram contain 355 mcg.

Those are reasons enough to consider adding Camu Camu to your diet. But as our guide in Amazon has put it, they love Camu camu. He and many others believe that it protects immune system better than any drug. This is the main prophylactic for cold and flu. They simply drink a glass of Camu camu juice every morning.

Please be careful as Camu camu can cause allergic reactions. It is not recommended to use more than 30 gram of fruit at a time. 

Camu camu and beauty

Due to high vitamin C content Camu camu powder if highly used in beauty industry. Here is an interesting home remedy that you can try. If you interested in other home face masks I have some tips here (aronia berry face mask).

DYI Camu Camu Facial Serum

And if you are lazy like some of us here is another interesting product to try: CT Organic Camu Camu Night Serum. In any case I am a believer and I love the taste of this fruit. Let me know if you tried it and if you love the results 🙂





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