Bashkirian Honey
Bashkir Honey

Bashkir honey is a rare treasure that helps heal your body

Bashkirian honey (or Bashkir honey, башкирский мед [Russian]is something I knew since my early years. And in my naivete I thought that everyone has heard about it. Since Bashkir Honey is as natural and organic as it gets. It’s one of the most delicious products in the world filled with many healing properties. I thought such a honey should be popular across the globe. And of course there are no similar honeys anywhere. Bashkir honey is a super food and fetches a high price on the market. The most popular sorts of this honey are flower honey and linden honey


According to one of historical versions the word “Bashkortostan” can be translated as “head” or “bee”. Bashkortostan (part of Russia) has been known as the country of honey for a long time. Beekeeping is an ancient tradition of bashkir people and has been perfected by many generations. Today Bashkir honey is considered one of the best in Russia. And of course it has hundreds of prizes tucked in the belt. It comes from the famous wild Burzyan bees. This bee is not afraid of cold weather, and is able to produce vast amounts of treasured honey. Bashkir honey has many varieties. Ecosystem has a plenty of various forests, mountain ranges, prairies and meadows. Hence the honey has different taste and qualities.

  • Note: Bashkir honey is unique in its chemical composition and nutritional properties. To get real honey and avoid counterfeit, it is better to buy it while visiting Bashkir republic or at a specialized store.   

Natural qualities of Bashkir honey

Scientists like to explain the secret of the honey by Burzyan bee productivity levels, combined with special climate and nature of Bashkortostan. It is rich in flora and mellifluous plants (mellifluous plant in this case is the plant that basically ends up in the honey thanks to bees getting some pollen off of it). In this country honey can come from well known chamomile, sage, dandelion, tutsan, and wild rose. However, there are also rare plants like feather grass, timothy plant, meadow-rue, and thyme. That is why Bashkir honey is so good for your health. For example, this honey has antiseptic and anti-fermenting effect. That is why we use it as ointment for burns, wounds, and to conserve food (yes, I am from over there, as I’ve mentioned).

  • Note: One of the healing properties of Bashkir honey is high antimicrobial effect, that can help prevent many diseases. 

Bashkir honey varieties and benefits

Three most popular kinds of honey in Bashkir republic come from flowers, linden, and buckwheat. 

flower honey
Flower honey
  • Flower honey differs in color and taste based on the dominant plant. Chamomile gives it anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities. Sage pollen helps with ulcers, infections, pimples, and skin imperfections. Thyme gifts the honey diuretic, diaphoretic, and antiseptic qualities. If tutsan is dominant, honey can help prevent heart disease, cold & flue, arthritis and migraines. So as you see, flower honey healing properties depend on the pollen content.
  • Buckwheat honey is rich with iron and protein. Not surprisingly, it comes in a variety of colors from bright red to dark brown. This honey has a specific aroma. I can describe the taste as almost spicy, acerbic. It leaves a slight tingling sensation in your throat. This honey can help as supplement to prevent anemia, and to stimulate brain activity.
  • Linden honey in my opinion is one of the best natural products. Linden (lime tree) is a rare and valuable mellifluous plant. Natural linden forests are very rare. We use Bashkir linden honey frequently to prevent cold and flu. I learn from local people that they use it as a remedy for gastrointestinal issues.  Locals also use it to help speed up recovery during bronchitis, quinsy, and other diseases. In fact linden honey has so many properties that it warrants a separate article altogether.


Bashkir honey
Bashkir honey

I am blessed with the knowledge of Bashkir honey and ability to visit and buy it in person. But I do want to share my knowledge with you, the readers, as you can find this honey in the US. Honey has been my go-to remedy for a long time. In fact, I drink water with honey and lemon almost every day 🙂 I love learning about different kinds of honey and their healing properties. What is your favorite honey and why? What is your favorite home remedy involving honey. Please share it with me. 


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