Avocado has been growing in popularity for the past decade or so. Now it’s time we took this marvelous green wonder apart and looked deeper into it.

What is avocado?

avocado fresh natural on the branch
avocado fresh natural on the branch

Let’s do a quick research. I do know it’s an amazing product that can be added to all kinds of recipes. But where does it come from, what is it? Well, first things first, avocado is a tree. Yes, it is a tree. It’s native to South Central Mexico. It’s a member of the flowering plant family called Lauraceae (from Wikipedia). But for us “avocado” (also called alligator pear) is the tree’s actual fruit. So generally, avocado is a large berry containing one single huge seed (check out big image below). Thus when eating or cutting avocado, it’s quite handy to make 1 cut all around the fruit, and break two halves apart. Then it’s customary to scoop the meaty softness with a spoon.

Some make salads with it, others just eat it straight from the farm, either way it’s great! By the way, even that avocado is from hot hot Mexico, it’s trees are very geographically strong and adaptable. These days avocado grows where it’s mostly tropical, of course, closer to equator. But some cold weather hardy cultivated kinds have been growing in USA in Florida, Texas, California, even in southern parts of Russia. Those can survive cold temperatures up to (or down to) -20-25F (-5-6C).

What’s in avocado?

Avocado is one of the most amazing representatives of the fruit & vegetable family that we must always have on our table. On one hand, people suffering from all stages of diabetes, atherosclerosis, coronary artery diseases, stenocardia, high blood-pressure, and many others, will greatly benefit from avocado diet. On the other hand, avocado is used as a part of complex weight loss therapy (when obesity hits), gastritis (low stomach acid), chronic colitis, stomach ulcers, inflammation of skin (avocado slows down skin aging), eczema. And in third, it is often used as a powerful antibacterial, disinfecting and restorative (tonic) natural substance and remedy.

Avocado Nutrition Benefits

Avocado fruit contains Kalium, Natrium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese Salts, Magnesium and Iron. Also this subtropical wonder is rich with vitamins A, B, C, PP (part of cholesterol medication) & D. The fruit is also abundantly rich with Vitamin E, which helps immune protect our cells from the destructive effect of virii, enriches them with oxygen and fights aging right on the forefront, directly in the cells.

Avocado helps with bad & good Cholesterol

Avocado flesh contains lots of monounsaturated fatty acids, which effectively decrease levels of excessive (bad) blood cholesterol. This in turn helps our cardiovascular system work better. Back in the day medical scientists ran a nice small study, when they added some avocado diet into the daily meals of a big group of people suffering from high cholesterol. Results really exceeded all expectations. Avocado diet helped all 100% of the patients, significantly decreasing levels of “bad” cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) that plugs the arteries. While “good” cholesterol levels (now it’s the high-density lipoprotein) were greatly increased.

Avocado contains Omega-9 Oleic Acids

Yes, digging deeper. Avocado has monounsaturated Oleic fatty acid, which actually is related to Olive Oil fatty acid, and we all know Olive Oil is very very good for you (gotta write an article on that too! 🙂 Oleic acid stops cholesterol from forming those big nasty blood-flow-blocking growths inside our arteries. Oleic acid has been noticed to simply dissolve bad cholesterol directly inside the blood stream.

Avocado slows cell growth (benign and malignant)

Other great biologically active qualities of this amazing superfood help slow down growth and rebirth of cells. First, it works for healthy cells, thus slowing down their aging and whole cell regeneration process. Second, it does the same to sick cells, slowing down or even sometimes stopping benign and malignant bad growths alike, sometimes affecting the latter on their early stages, helping with prevention of cancer. Professor Dr Shin-ichiro Imai of Washington University School of Medicine (USA) have conducted numerous studies on mice and some of the conclusions he came to included facts that prove these observation. When mice were given “avocado water” they exhibited great likeness of improvement of cell stabilization and slowing down of cell regrowth.

This is still being carefully applied to human studies, but it is a great base to assume people prone to cancer will benefit from avocado diet, especially when cancer is in early undetectable stages. Eating avocados on daily basis can give you extra confidence that your body will fight malignant tumor growths in early stages, if anything starts happening.

Avocado Calories

1 Cup of diced avocado (about 5 oz or 150gr) contains about 230 calories. Avocados are very filling and kinda stuffed with calories. But remember, those are good calories coming from great fatty acids that are good for you. Calorie-wise, eating 3 cups of diced avocados (about 1 pound) is equal to eating 1 McDonald’s Big-mac meal with fries (no soda). Any day or night I will pick avocados. Sprinkle some salt, maybe some Thai hot chili sauce, or even dice them up and mix into your favorite lettuce salad, replacing meat in caesar salad, in particular.. Um-um. Very good stuff.

Avocado halved cut on the table
Avocado halved cut on the table

Avocado DIY health remedies

Let’s now look into some quick home made do-it-yourself chronic conditions remedies and help. Usually for health conditions people recommend going after avocado leaves. They make a great tea that works wonders for treating stomach aches, flus, arthritis. It’s great for kidney cleansing, as antibiotic, detoxer, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, even lower back pain. As mentioned above, avocado leaves (same as fruit, only here we make tea and drink it in smaller quantities) can help with high blood pressure, toothache, it even helps to regulate menstrual periods for women. Here are some quick diy avocado tea and fruit involving remedy recipes and applications:

Avocado contains electrolytes. Helps (chronic) diarrhea.

For 1 tablespoon dry avocado leaves (dried avocado skin will do too, but less effective), pour 1.5 cups of hot boiling water and let sit on slow fire for about 10 minutes. Cover it up, wrap it in some towels, and let it chill and infuse. Full of electrolytes, this chilled drink can be taken as 0.5-1 tablespoon 30 minutes before food. It will greatly improve the situation.

Chronic colitis avocado remedy

1 full tablespoon of dry avocado leaves combine with 1.5 cups of water (about 1/3 liter), boil hot for 8 minutes, then chill for at least 2 hours. Filter it and drink warm 1/2 cup of this extract half hour before food, 3 times a day. In 2-3 weeks you should see some colitis improvements.

Avocado improves Immune System

Any time of the year, especially in winter, try eating 1 teaspoon of avocado butter 1 hour before eating your meals. 3-4 weeks of this avocado diet will greatly improve your immune system, strengthen it for the upcoming flu outbreaks and cold seasons. It is more than enough to positively affect your immune, but eating avocado butter every day is not prohibited, as long as no allergies pop up.

Avocado skin rejuvenating face mask

Mush some avocado into puree and spread onto your clean washed face, maybe after shower. Put wet rice-cloth or equivalent cosmetic cloth on top. Wash off in 20 minutes with warm water. In just 10 days saggy skin will tighten, folds will decrease and wrinkles – disappear. It is a very easy and fast face mask, diy any time with tremendous results.

Avocado egg yolk mask for dry skin

If your face skin is dry and flaky, try the following recipe. Mush some of the avocado flesh and mix it up with egg yolk quantities 2 to 1. Slather your face with the mixture and leave for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Do this regimen daily and results will not make you wait!


Superfood avocado to the rescue! It’s wonderful, it’s healthy and it’s of a huge help to all who ingest it, eat it, drink it or slathers their skin with it. I will greatly recommend you get on the avocado wagon as well! =)

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