No matter how avocados are good for you, your body and skin, – some people say that avocados may be bad for you. I’ve decided to explore this insane statement, but after reading for a while I’ve seen there is merit to this statement. Yes, avocado can be bad for you, in very very special circumstances. Here’s what my research shows…

You can be allergic to avocado

Yes, this is a negative one, let’s start with it, as many sources mention it. Hives, itching, redness in skin or eczema could signify that you’ve developed avocado allergy. This is a rare condition, but it is possible, especially with “extremely allergic people”. Avocado is fruit, after all. I know myself I cannot eat half of world’s fruit, I’m allergic to apples, cherries, peaches, pretty much anything with skin or hairs on it.. But in case of avocado – I personally have no problems. If you do have an avocado allergy condition – please, leave a comment. Let’s see if anyone does. =) (Studies and facts state that only 1 in 2000 people may sometimes show symptoms of avocado related allergies).

Latex allergy

Several writers note that if you have Latex Allergy, then eating avocados or using them for your skin or other outer ways of applying it to your body, – that may harm you.


Also partially an allergy, people with strong hypersensitivity disorder may sometimes exhibit skin rashes or vomiting after eating avocado. Also a very very small percentage of people. You know who you are! But in that condition I’m assuming all food has to be scrutinized and only some bland cereals or rice or some of the breads can be eaten.. Eating avocado with hypersensitivity may not even be a considered option…

Mouth allergy

Some people have exhibited itchy mouth cavity areas and itchy gums after eating guacamole. I say – check your allergy for onions, lemon juice and other ingredients of the guac, don’t blame it all on avocado. This seems like an unworthy addition to side-effects.

Avocado seed (or stone) has some toxins

Seems like a silly statement, but Do Not eat or somehow ingest (ground or not) avocado seed (some call it avocado stone). I personally don’t eat something that I cannot bite a piece of. Including fruit seeds/stones. I know there are nuts inside those seeds sometimes, like apricots and plums sometimes have nice eatable nuts inside the stone seed. But this is not avocado. Huge seed there hasn’t been fully researched, but avocado stone does contain some toxins and is not good for you. This has been a new fab online, some semi-famous natural health blogger have tried and insisted that grounding avocado stone and drinking shakes or whatnot with it is beneficial. No, it’s not. Flesh, skin or leaves – those 3 are good for you. But seed is not good. Avoid it! But this doesn’t make avocado bad for you.

Avocado bad for you? No, but the seed stone toxic, not good for you.
Avocado halved cut on the table

Liver damage is possible?

One of the serious side effects of avocados, not fully researched yet, possibly a myth, but.. It is believed by some that avocado can damage liver health. They say some certain types of avocado oil may cause damage to your liver. And then they go on to “Mexican avocado”, which consists of estragole and anethole. Supposedly, these elements have been known for carcinogenic reactions. Hence, eating or ingesting those may cause damage to the liver. I truly think it’s California’s avocado board that’s spreading these rumors. Mexican avocados are much cheaper and are taking a huge chunk of the market from US-California based growers, thus I my opinion these rumors have been hitting the web, originating in USA and just staying rumors and myths.

Lots of fat in avocado

Yes, we’ve discussed it in the previous article – What is avocado. Avocado contains lots of fat. But for the most part these fatty acids help improve cholesterol and digestion, they are good for you. Only in some few cases people on a weight-loss diet experienced slow down in their quest to drop pounds and kilograms when avocado was introduced into their diet. Just a few notable cases, this is not a negative side, maybe very rare side-effect.

Gastrointestinal Irritation

If you eat lots and lots of avocados, you might experience gastrointestinal irritation. Well, I say – eat lots and lots of anything, and eventually you’ll either claim a wall looking for something else, or will develop some irritation, that could also be gastrointestinal. This is a myth, or if it’s not a myth, then it could truly be applied to any food, fruit or vegetable.

Inflammation Medicine blockage

There’s also a mentioning somewhere that eating avocado could negatively affect the work of your anti-inflammatory medicine and sometimes even block it from working. Well, avocados are known to thin the blood and help with inflammation, so it’s really a choice: Either try and help inflammation with avocados or with doctor prescribed medicine. Do not mix those up, give up avocado for a few days while taking anti-inflammatory medical help. That’s all. It’s not a negative effect of avocado. It’s a negative effect of buttering the butter. Don’t put extra honey on a honey bun, right? Don’t put peanuts into PBJ sandwich, unless you really like chunky peanut butter.. Otherwise it’s too much, and it may turn out to be some negative outcome.

All in all, from all the compiled possible negative effects, cut away all the assumptions, opinions, and pure malarkey and innuendo sometimes, we can see, that there are just a couple of reasons to be cautious while eating avocado. First is allergic reactions, which can happen with any food at any time. And another is ingesting toxins while eating avocado seed, which is quite a big step. To eat the seed you must process it into dust first, after drying it for days, and all this isn’t really worth it.. So don’t eat the seed. And be cautious about allergic reactions.


Is avocado bad? There are supposedly cases of people exhibiting flu like symptoms after eating avocados. Back pains, joint pressure, shortness of breath.. I don’t think that was avocados… Lots of these effects could be simply psychosomatic. People think they are afraid of this new food, and eventually they confirm their scares were right, but only because they made themselves produce and succumb to these weird side effects.. Don’t think too much. Are you worried while eating beef or drinking milk (aside from lactose intolerance)? Cows could have eaten a million of different bacteria and milk could have been sitting next to another millions of those creepers.. Same with avocados. Same with any food or food product in general. I only know that computer processors – CPUs – are made while wearing super impenetrable suits and work goes mostly in vacuum.. Well, avocados are not CPUs, right?

Some sources say it’s “Big Salsa” that’s spreading all these rumors and sponsors unrelated researches and studies to show that avocado is not good for you. I think it’s quite possible.. Lol. Conspiracy theorists, join in! =) If you’ve read this article, you’ll see that avocado is extremely good for you, it’s harmful only in a handful of cases and generally only one of few hundred of people may experience some negative outcomes. I say, if you’re worried – try it in small amounts first, and if it goes well – jump onto the avocado wagon! It’s very good for you!

Wisdom Sources

While writing this article, I’ve gone over several respected sources and their thoughts somehow relating to avocados being bad for you. This list includes articles from WebMD, Huffpost, TheSun, NutritionFacts, StyleCraze and several others. The text above is a compilation of all possible negative effects avocado can have on you and your body. Most of them are just speculations. Please, treat those with utmost discretion though. Thanks for reading.

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