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6 skin beauty tricks no touch face

Each and every woman dreams to have most ideal skin on her face, and for it to be clean, naturally shiny, strong and smooth. Some women are born that way and need not do anything to support the natural “perfect skin look”. If you are not one of them, – don’t be upset, because we have here 6 face care tricks that’ll guarantee your face to look young and shiny any time of the day or night. But with all this, remember, there are no “free” shortcuts in face care, i mean, if you want your skin to radiate health and beauty, you need to work on it, spend time and attend to your skin. So here we go, the secrets of beautiful skin on your face.. Well, maybe not secret tricks, per-say, but definitely skin care tips you’d never think of.

Secret Trick 1: Proper Nutrition

Good eating and proper nutrition is the key aspect for the beautiful skin. If you suffer from acne, it means your diet has too much potatoes (especially fries), sweets and candy, chocolat, macaroni and pasta products, white bread, and other similar foods. These products contain an abundance of fast carbs (read more on what are “fast carbs” and difference between fast and slow carbs), which greatly increase insulin levels in blood, which often result in acne breakouts. It is best to replace such foods with rye bread, whole organic pasta and brown rice, – the products with natural fiber which slows down the absorption of carbs. Many fruits have those fast carbs, but for example tomatoes, grapefruit and watermelon – don’t, feel free to eat up =). Also it is recommended not to let your ailments go untended. For example, if you have sick liver or stomach problems, – your facial skin might get affected too. You may get dark circles under your eyes and skin will look shineless and unhealthy.

Always keep in mind all the essential vitamins and minerals you’re missing out on. Skin becomes dry and natural moisturization stops when body lacks Vitamin A. Eating bananas, rice and oats will provide Vitamin B, which is essential for the perfect beautiful skin, as well as nails and hair. Vitamin E (can be found in certain nuts, olives, spinach) play most important role in protecting your skin against (the harmful part of) sunlight. Vitamin C is also essential, it helps skin all over the body, helps fight bacteria and stop irritations and inflammations of skin, acta as first round of immune defense and must be consumed daily. This one is the most common in our diet, it comes with pretty much any greens, grape juice, any citruses.

Secret Trick 2: Good Clean Water

You just must drink regular water every day, clean, preferably alkaline, but essentially clean drinking water found in any tiniest convenience store or simply in your kitchen. By drinking at least 6-8 cups of water every day you will provide skin moisturization from the inside. After just a month of drinking a plenty of water every day you will definitely notice the changes of skin on your face towards desired healthy and naturally shiny look. It is common for people to think they drink lots of water, but it is not true. It is only relatable if your water consumption comes from drinking tea and sour popular drinks of nowadays like kombucha and similar. Water consumed as coffee, soda pop, beer, spirits, milk, some vegetables, etc – this “water” carries loads of carbs and is either consumed with the digestion of those carbs (and fats), or goes directly into your bladder, when liver doesn’t know what to do with all the spirits contained in that “water”. Drink normal clean water, and you’re bound to benefit from it, if not with the skin, then do good for your digestion and such..

Secret Trick 3: Treat Your Face Good

Your face is your friend, for the most part. Think, how often have you gone to bed without properly cleaning off all the makeup? This is a very big mistake. Your skin must be able to breath (at least at night). Before bedtime, you should always clean your face with some neutral cleaning essence or gel with small PH levels. 1 hour before bed it’s very beneficial to apply some moisturizing or rejuvenating eye mask or cream.

It’s very useful to scrub your face once or twice per week. Don’t use scrubs with big particles, only tiny granules, with plastic if you must. Those that are soft and don’t damage your skin on the face. Don’t rub the scrub into your face, but rather slather it with the mixture. Don’t do scrubbing if your face has a rush, breakout or bad acne, wait till these symptoms are gone. Scrubbing over breakouts might just worsen the situation.

Another great deal of help comes from weekly applications of deep pore cleansing face masks. Select the best mask for your face depending on your skin type and oiliness and levels of moisturization desired. Oily skin can benefit the most from thin absorbing close-contact face masks, while dry skin will always be happy after applications of nutrient rich masks, containing honey, oats and even clay.

Secret Trick 4: Cleanliness, Clean Home

Please, remember, always clean your brushes for your makeup and mask applications. Often wash them with soap or special makeup cleaning organic natural solutions. They accumulate tons of bacteria, which you actually brush into your skin, leave it under your makeup, between skin and foundation, so the only way for bacteria to bite would be into your skin. Change pillow covers and bed sheets twice a week, and only try to use natural fabric without any polyester and such. If your skin is past its prime, or was simply neglected for a while and has some rashes or breakouts, – don’t wipe your face with harsh towels, washcloths or old rolled up sleeve of your bath robe. Those have very rough texture, especially if been used for a while. Best to wipe your face with some soft clean t-shirt, if nothing else comes to mind. Or use paper towels or mosturized baby wipes, those are still better than scraping yourself with freshly dried washcloth type of towel… The stuff you find in hotels, for example.. Bring your own face-wipes to hotels.

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6 skin beauty tricks clean brushes

Secret Trick 5: Don’t Touch Your Face

I know, it’s hard. I am one of the people who has to touch their face even to make sure it’s still there.. I’m serious! But you must not touch your face during the day, especially when you’re out with friends or simply shopping in a mall.. You touch a myriad of dirty door handles, public items, car seats, benches, just about anything that others touch – you touch it too, and get their bacteria, their dust (which is mostly dried scaled skin), their sweat… By touching your face, you transfer all that bacteria and related amoeba stuff right onto your face. Stuff that gets trapped under your nails could easily have a school sized textbook written about it, and still some wouldn’t fit. You touch your face, and all the happy bacteria starts growing there, having nice moisturized environment fungus spores begin to develop into acne and rashes, and by the evening you may just notice “instant” negative changes. I personally pick my nose when noone is watching.. And once in a few months, as a result of forgetting to wash my hands and fingers prior to the nose picking engagement, or even maybe isolating finger with a napkin, anyways.. Once in a couple of months I get the nastiest inside-nose acne, that cannot be squeezed or somehow helped until it simply goes away, – it’s usually too deep under the skin, inside the nose. I would never with for my enemies to have that.. So if you touch your face during the day, later at night it must be vigorously cleaned, because by then it’s choke full of bacteria and fungus.

Secret Trick 6: Plenty of Sleep and Sex

Yes, it’s true, it’s a scientifically proven fact, and has been talked about by many women’s health magazines in the past few years. Both. About sleep and about sex. Sex is more talked about, of course, but don’t discount full night’s sleep. It is essential to sleep well and abundantly for your skin to look healthy and naturally shiny. During sleep your face rests from all the talking muscles work and emotions (laugh and sadness alike) and anything that can put those wrinkles and lines on your face. Facial skin rests and stretches during sleep and gets more of a natural look.

Sex is also important for skin health and beauty. Sex makes blood pump and rush through our body, which protects from acne breakouts and inflammations. Sex also normalizes hormonal balance, which in its turn makes you a healthier you. Have you heard someone say “you’re glowing today, just glowing”, and that is real, cause the person have just had (maybe long forgotten) sex, and exuding that natural healthy glow.. It is real.. Sex also promotes younger looking skin, nails and hair, it makes hair stronger and nails harder, skin – less stretchy, it pumps the blood into your lips, making them fuller. And it comes back around to the first trick-recommendation of this paragraph when it actually helps your better sleep.


These 6 super secret tricks to make your skin radiant and naturally glowing and shiny, – you already know all of them. Eat good, drink plenty of water, treat your face well, keep it clean and also your hands and home, don’t touch your face with dirty hands, and sleep well after having good sex. Soo… Is there anything new for you? Most likely, you’re already doing all 6 of these tips. Now imagine what results you might reap, if you actually put an effort into doing these things. Yes, that’s true, results will multiply and will be visible much better. So, here’s to a healthier skin on your face! And of course if any of your face skin conditions last for longer than a few weeks, we recommend that you visit a doctor. These aren’t solutions we’ve described, but rather methods to make healthier what’s already healthy..

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